About Us


Grey Faction is composed of a worldwide network of relentless volunteers bringing their unique skills to researching, exposing, and protesting occurrences of discredited and harmful mental health care practices.

We do this by:

  • Publishing documents obtained via public records requests, including licensing board actions and consumer complaints.
  • Lodging complaints against licensed professionals who espouse conspiracy theories of Satanic ritual abuse.
  • Attending/protesting mental health conferences known to cultivate conspiracy theories in order to expose sanctioned networks of deleterious “therapeutic practice.”
  • Publishing investigative reports of questionable mental health professionals and organizations linked to malpractice and fraud.
  • Hosting conferences, seminars, and public lectures.

Ultimately, we are working toward creating model legislation to impose new oversight standards in the field of mental health care, so that debunked and provably harmful “therapeutic” techniques, such as those designed to draw forth “recovered memories,” are banned from practice.