Past President and one of the founders of ISSTD. Helped produce a 1989 training video to help therapists identify and treat now debunked satanic ritual abuse. Has settled several malpractice lawsuits, ranging in the millions of dollars, and is listed as a co-conspirator in the criminal case of USA v Peterson.

Bennett Braun’s shocking and egregious malpractice is well-documented. See:

Dangerous Therapy: The Story of Patricia Burgus and Multiple Personality Disorder

“Pat Burgus thought she would soon be healed when psychiatrist Bennett Braun began treating her for multiple personality disorder. Instead, under hypnosis and on heavy medication, Burgus came to believe she possessed 300 personalities, ate human flesh, and sexually abused her two sons. Later, convinced Braun helped manufacture those memories, she sued. Now, even after receiving a $10.6-million settlement, she won’t let up in her crusade against the man whose treatment, she says, nearly destroyed her […]”