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Grey Faction in the Press

Laboratory Equipment magazine: Antichrist vs. ‘Pseudoscience’: Satanic Temple Protests ISSTD over Continued Support of Regression Therapies

by Seth Augenstein The 33rd annual meeting of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation was a pretty normal conference: training sessions, book sales, talks with PowerPoint slides, some networking and a continental breakfast somewhere in the middle of the schedule. The Satanists outside the Parc 55 hotel were not on that…

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Pacific Standard: Conviction of Things Not Seen: The Uniquely American Myth of Satanic Cults

by Dan Shewan […] Before Greaves founded the Satanic Temple, he wrote about and kept a close eye on the careers of many of the mental health practitioners who were involved with the Satanic Panic for many years. According to Greaves, these psychotherapists have continued the pseudoscientific approaches of the 1980s, perpetuating dangerous, paranoid ideas…

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