A record of conspiracists, Ritual Abuse “experts”, pseudoscientists, witch-hunters, and questionable therapists.

Ralph Allison Winner of ISSTD’s “Cornelia B. Wilbur Award” in 1995. Famously evaluated and diagnosed serial killer Ken Bianchi with multiple personality disorder, of which Bianchi later admitted to be faking and proved by other mental health professionals to not have. [more…]

Bennett Braun Past President and one of the founders of ISSTD. Helped produce a 1989 training video to help therapists identify and treat now debunked satanic ritual abuse. Has settled several malpractice lawsuits, ranging in the millions of dollars, and is listed as a co-conspirator in the criminal case of USA v Peterson. [more…]

Neil Brick Licensed mental health counselor in Massachusetts, head of S.M.A.R.T. (Stop Mind-control And Ritual abuse Today) and Survivorship. Claims to have been a brainwashed hitman for a Masonic/Illuminati/CIA conspiracy. [more…]

Kevin J. Connors President-elect, ISSTD. Private practice marriage and family therapist, Long Beach, CA. On record claiming that secretive Satanic cults are brainwashing children by way of Ritual Abuse “for some kind of nefarious purpose.” Also — and apparently just for the sake of being rude — these cults are, according to Kevin J. Connors, programming children to self-harm or engage in “destructive behaviors” in response to common nursery rhymes. [more…]

Carol Crow LMHC Counselor at Insight Counselors, P.A. in Tampa, Fl. Co-presenter with ISSTD past president Kathy Steele on various topics. Carol Crow provided “counseling” to the non-verbal autistic Jude Mirra, accepting the discredited technique of “Facilitated Communication” to gain “self-reports” by which she diagnosed him with Multiple Personality Disorder. Crow’s unforgivable incompetence — accepting false self-reporting to support a discredited diagnosis — helped inspire Jude’s mother’s delusions that Jude was being abused by a hidden Satanic cult, later leading the mother to kill Jude in an effort to save him from further Satanic activity. [more…]

George Greaves Former President and recipient of ISSTD’s “Presidents Award of Distinction” in 1985, Greaves has had license revoked due to inappropriate sexual behavior with patients. [more…]

Ted Gunderson (deceased) Former FBI Special Agent in Charge Ted Gunderson was one of the most influential propagators of the Satanic Panic throughout the 80s and 90s, often parading about with self-proclaimed victims who alleged to have recovered memories of being subjected to Government Mind-control. Ted Gunderson’s manufacturing of “evidence” for claims of Satanic abuse have helped sustain an ongoing credulous conspiracist anti-Satanist panic. [more…]

Corydon Hammond Winner of ISSTD’s “Distinguished Achievement Award” in 1998.Helped produce a 1989 training video to help therapists identify and treat now debunked satanic ritual abuse. Settled malpractice lawsuit for $175,000 and was listed as co-conspirator in criminal case USA v Peterson. Claims that techniques used to program sexual abuse victims to repress their memories were brought to America by a Hasidic Jewish Nazi named Dr. Greenbaum. [more…]

Wendy Hoffman Former client of Alison Miller under whose therapeutic mistreatment she “recovered” fantastical “memories” of having been a queen in the Illuminati commanding “the unseen” or “supernatural” — so chosen due to “bloodline” and “psychic aptitude” — Hoffman is a LCSW-C who gives lectures that provide Continuing Education Units. [more…]

Richard Kluft Past President of the ISSTD. Helped produce a 1989 training video to help therapists identify and treat now debunked satanic ritual abuse. Has settled two malpractice lawsuits for undisclosed amounts and had Dissociative Disorders unit shut down. [more…]

Ellen Lacter Former head of the ISSTD’s “Ritual Abuse/Mind-control Special Interest Group.” Lacter actively propagates bizarre, delusional claims regarding Satanic cult conspiracies and “witchcraft abuse.” Ellen Lacter was consulted by Gigi Jordan prior to Ms. Jordan killing her 8-year old son Jude Mirra under the delusion that she was preserving him from future Satanic abuse. [more…]

Alison Miller Current chair elect of the ISSTD’s Ritual Abuse and Mind Control Special Interest Group and recently presented at the S.M.A.R.T (Stop Ritual Abuse and Mind Control Today) conference where she presented that particular type of hand waving gesture is a symptom of being mind-controlled. [more…]

Randy “L’il Knob” Noblitt Professor of Clinical Psychology at Alliant University whose own doctoral thesis was a credulous study of Astrology. L’il Knob has made a career of propagating bad and/or non-evidence of a Satanic Ritual Abuse/Mind-control conspiracy that triggers subliminal programs through backward messages and hand gestures. [more…]

Kimber Olson ISSTD Director. LCSW, Changing Tides Child & Family Enrichment & Trauma Center, Anchorage, AK. Ritual Abuse/Mind-control conspiracy theorist. Presenter for Survivorship — an organization that specializes in Satanic/Illuminati/Government mind-control paranoia regarding hidden mind control programming triggers and sinister world take-over plots — regarding “the complexities of the relationship between the RA/MC [Ritual Abuse/Mind-control] client and their therapist.” [more…]

Dawn Perlmutter, PhD Conservative activist and self-appointed expert in ritual and occult crimes. She has written on the parallels that exist between Satanism and terrorism in a piece entitled “Skandalon 2001: the Religious Practices of Modern Satanists and Terrorists” in which she asserts that “extremist fundamentalists” and Satanists alike have been “seduced” by Satan himself, and she admonishes the reader to take seriously these “dangerous contemporary manifestations of idolatry.” Perlmutter’s academic credentials are in art history. There’s nothing in her academic background that qualifies her to speak on forenics, criminal justice, Satanism, etc.). [more…]

Frank Putnam Has received several awards from the ISSTD ranging from 1985-2013. Supported the reliability of completely discredited Facilitated Communication techniques in the murder case of Jude Mirra. [more…]

Jean Riseman Former Secretary of the ISSTD Ritual Abuse/Mind-control Special Interest Group (RA/MC SIG). Riseman writes on her blog: “It seems that the leaders of the Illuminati meet every 28 years for a whole year, during which Satan appears and tells them what he wants done in the next 28 years. The Illuminati leaders then plan out the actions to be taken and who will do them. The last Feast of the Beast was in 2010 and therefore the next will be in 2038.” [more…]

Colin Ross Past President of the ISSTD who was subject of multiple malpractice suits alleging that he cultivated delusions of Satanic Ritual Abuse in his clients. His documented over-medication of one client was adjudged by another doctor to be the worst case of medical malpractice he had ever seen. Ross ran a Dissociative Disorders unit in Canada, since shut down, that knowingly allowed a known rapist to share the same hospital floors with women, resulting in their being sexually assaulted. Ross is an outspoken Government Mind-control conspiracy theorist who has claimed to possess the paranormal ability of being able to emit beams of energy from his eyes. [more…]

Roberta Sachs Winner of ISSTD’s “Distinguished Achievement Award” in 1992. Helped produce a 1989 training video to help therapists identify and treat now debunked satanic ritual abuse. Subject of, along with Bennett Braun, a malpractice suit that cost her employer $3.5M in settlement as well as being listed as co-conspirator in the criminal case of USA v Peterson. [more…]

Alan Scheflin Non-scientist recipient of the 2002 ISSTD Morton Prince Award for Scientific Achievement. Co-authored Memory, Trauma Treatment, and The Law (Norton; 1998) reporting a case study where “2 of […] 38 children studied after watching lightning strike and kill a playmate had no memory of the event.” As Dr. McNally of Harvard University pointed out, Scheflin “forgot to mention that both amnesic children had themselves been struck by side flashes from the main lightning bolt, knocked unconscious, and nearly killed. Given the massive trauma to the brain suffered by these 2 youngsters, it is little wonder that they had amnesia for the lightning strike.” [more…]

Joyanna Silberg Past President of the ISSTD and author of The Dissociative Child, Maryland: The Sidran Press. Joyanna Silberg endorses a bizarre narrative of Satanic Ritual Abuse Mind-control as told in a book, Twenty-Two Faces, authored by conspiracist Judy Byington, which purports to be a true story involving prophecy, ESP, divine intervention, spirit possession, and Multiple Personality Disorder.  [more…]

Valerie Sinason Winner of ISSTD’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2016. Paid £22,000 by London health department to document evidence of ritual abuse, of which she has failed to do. Publicly alleges the existence of satanic ritual abuse but can not (or will not) produce proof of her claims. [more…]

Rachel C. Thomas Has been a presenter with the ISSTD conference in past years and in 2014 presented on her encounters with patients who had allegedly been ritually abused by lizard aliens. [more…]

Bessel van der Kolk Notable distinguished award winner within the ISSTD. Regular ISSTD conference speaker. Published a paper based on the work of a research assistant who was caught falsifying data, merely removing her name as co-author. Claimed to have discarded false data, could not (or would not) produce actual supporting data for this study to be reviewed. [more…]

Cornelia Wilbur (deceased) The ISSTD annually bestows an award named after this discredited unethical scientific fraud who manufactured the false story of “Sybil”, kicking off the Multiple Personality Disorder therapeutic fad. Aside from altering and fabricating case studies to fit her preferred narrative, Wilbur also advocated for Conversion Therapy, claiming a 27% success rate in curing homosexuality through psychoanalysis. [more…]