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May 08, 2018: Chicago police ‘satanic panic’ document from the 80s goes viral

Mar 27, 2018: Satanists Protested a Therapist Conference Pushing 'Satanic Panic' Pseudoscience

Mar 27, 2018: How Science Created a Panic About Satanic Cults

Jun 24, 2017: Conviction of Things Not Seen: The Uniquely American Myth of Satanic Cults

Jun 23, 2017: Couple Exonerated in "Satanic Panic" Child Ritual Abuse Case

Jun 24, 2016: Mental Health Professional Thinks Someone Programmed Him To Murder. Could It Be … Satan???

Jun 16, 2016: Satanists Infiltrate a Ritual Abuse Conference in Oakland

Apr 26, 2016: Satanic Temple Protests Pseudoscientific Therapies for Satanic Abuse and Witchcraft

Apr 07 2016: Antichrist vs Pseudoscience: Satanic Temple Protests ISSTD Over Continued Support for Regression Therapies

Feb 27, 2016: Satanists Call for Investigation Into Satanic Panic Killing of 8-year-old Boy

Feb 05, 2016: Activist Blames Quack Satanic Abuse Psychology After Paranoid Mom Murders Her Autistic Son

Oct 09, 2014: Satanic panic: how British agents stoked supernatural fears in Troubles. "Stories about black masses leaked to press in effort to link paramilitary attacks to the paranormal, study reveals"

Sep 23, 2013: The esteemed Dr. Loftus presenting "How Reliable is Your Memory" at TED.

Dec 09,. 2012: Canadian doctor's scathing report on multiple-personality disorder says it should never have been included in DSM-V

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