These organizations may hold conferences and lectures where discredited therapies are promoted and taught, or they may employ the people who do. Either way, they, too, are part of the problem.

The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation is the professional hub for the kinds of techniques and conspiracies we fight. It even has a special interest group titled "Ritual Abuse Mind Control Organized Abuse."

Survivorship bills itself as "one of the oldest and most respected organizations supporting survivors of extreme child abuse, including sadistic sexual abuse, ritualistic abuse, mind control, and torture."

Alliant University employs Dr. Randy Noblitt.

University of California San Diego - Extension employs Dr. Ellen Lacter.

University of Utah Medical School employs Dr. D Corydon Hammond.

The Clinic for Dissociative Studies Former Director: Valerie Sinason. Current Director: Rachel C. Thomas.

Insight Counselors, P.A. South Tampa, FL employs Carol J Crow

Tritech Forensics Training employs Dr. Dawn Perlmutter.

Jewish Community Services employs Wendy Hoffman