Take Action

  • Research any therapist or social worker from whom you plan to seek treatment, especially for a trauma-related condition, thoroughly in advance. What degrees does this person hold? Licenses? Have they received any disciplinary actions or been on the receiving end of a lawsuit? Have they published any books or articles - if so, on what topic?
  • Write the American Psychological Association (APA) and ask them to demand greater scrutiny by the monitoring agencies they employ. Therapists are required to keep their education current by attending qualified classes and lectures to earn a certain number of Continuing Education (CE) credits. APA does not monitor these classes directly, but instead hires third party companies such as CE Learning Systems (an ISSTD partner) to evaluate content to ensure it meets APA standards before issuing and tracking CEs. In some cases, these organizations are not looking closely enough at the material being taught, so therapists are receiving educational credits on such topics as Ritual Abuse and Mind Control.
  • Contact Grey Faction to share your stories and notify us of additional practitioners.
  • Donate to Grey Faction.