The Case of Jude Mirra

Lucien Greaves explains Grey Faction at University of West Florida

Lucien Greave, Spokesperson for The Satanic Temple, and Sarah Ponto Rivera, Director of Grey Faction, presented at the Atheist Alliance of America conference with updates over quack mental health organizations.

Lip TV Reports on Grey Faction “Justice For Jude” Campaign Against ISSTD “Ritual Abuse/Mind Control” Special Interest Group Chair Ellen Lacter

Grey Faction ISSTD Conference protest 2016

Grey Faction attended a “Ritual Abuse/Mind-Control” Conference and took footage of the conference organizer, Neil Brick, exhibiting paranoia regarding attendees touching their faces as mind-control “triggers.”

Lucien Greaves at Missouri University, 2016, on Grey Faction and psychotherapy cults

Grey Faction reminds the ISSTD of their history of malpractice, incompetence & criminality at the ISSTD’s 34th Annual Conference in Washington, DC, April, 2017