Grey Faction is an educational and advocacy organization whose mission is to protect mental health patients and their families from dangerous pseudoscience and discredited therapies, particularly in the area of so-called “repressed memories.”

We believe patients deserve to be treated using methods based on the best available science, and with a spirit of compassion. Debunked ideas, techniques with a long record of inducing harm, and beliefs unsupported by evidence, have no place in therapy.

We seek to:

  • Raise awareness of practices aimed at recovering “repressed memories,” and the potential dangers of their use;
  • Draw attention to influential practitioners who champion these techniques and beliefs;
  • Educate the general public on how to be better consumers of mental health care, especially as related to repressed memories;
  • Provide an index of both academic and popular materials related to repressed memory techniques;
  • Oppose governmental support and subsidy for such practices;
  • Alert professional organizations to pseudoscientific advocacy and promotion;
  • Urge appropriate authorities to establish and enforce standards of care and professional ethics to effectively ban the use of such practices; and
  • Encourage institutions and organizations that uncritically teach such techniques to discontinue or revise their approach.