Confessions of a Satanic Panic Retractor

By Lucien Greaves

The above audio is a condensed interview with Roma Hart, a former patient of Multiple Personality Disorder expert Colin Ross. Ross's ludicrous claims are many, and we hardly touched upon the most implausible of them. Read more about Ross here.

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According to one expert witness, it was the worst case of medical malpractice he had ever seen. The patient, Ms. Roma E. Hart, had been grossly over-medicated into a prolonged state of deranged confusion, during which time the offending psychiatrist, Dr. Colin A. Ross, had instilled her with exotic and perverse delusions: To wit, the rather implausible belief that her family was involved in an occult crime-ring dedicated to a supernatural evil, and that Hart herself had been forcibly impregnated by extraterrestrials, birthing a hybrid infant (presumably in the course of a routine alien abduction). The magnitude of Ms. Hart’s mistreatment during her submission to psychiatric “care” brought her to the precipice of death on several occasions.

During her treatment Ms. Hart gave custody of her 10 year old daughter over to Child & Family Services so as to preserve the girl from clutches of her Satanic cult family. Thus Ms. Hart lost her entire family in one egregiously misguided moment; her parents unable to forgive her for the accusations of sexual Satanic Ritual Abuse, her daughter heart-broken by abandonment.

As you will hear in the interview with Ms. Hart attached, these are but a few of the annoyances she suffered as result of Ross’s “therapy.” This bizarre malpractice by the hand of Dr. Colin Ross was designed to treat his unfortunate patient of the condition of Multiple Personality Disorder [MPD], a condition Ms. Hart now feels she never had. It is a condition that Dr. Ross himself has largely helped define and set the diagnostic and treatment protocols of. The theory of MPD is that an individual undergoing trauma “dissociates,” recompartmentalizing the hurtful memories into separate “personalities,” personalities that are unaware of one another.

Dr. Colin Ross’s own delusions are hardly concealed. He is a known conspiracy theorist who helped construct the Satanic cult hysteria of the eighties to mid-nineties. He has written and lectured regarding nefarious mind-control projects within the CIA, and even – in an interesting case of possible projection – speculation regarding the “iatrogenic [clinically produced] creation of Multiple Personality Disorder” by CIA psychiatrists. Following Dr. Ross’s own vernacular, it might be appropriate to suggest that Ross has “dissociated” his own crimes of medical mistreatment, projecting them upon a “personality” he refers to as “CIA.”

But Ross can not be dismissed as a marginal fool. He is a well-respected and dangerous fool. Indeed, Dr. Colin Ross is an “internationally renowned clinician, researcher, author and lecturer in the field of dissociation and trauma-related disorders.” He is founder and President of the Colin A. Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma, which “specializes in the management of psychiatric treatment programs and is currently contracted to provide management and treatment services to Timberlawn Mental Health System, in Dallas, Texas, Forest View Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Del Amo Hospital, in Torrance, California.” Ross is “the author of over 130 professional papers and past President of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation,” and acted as an expert consultant for the Showtime television series The United States of Tara. Dr. Ross has acted as therapist for celebrity Roseanne Barr (who now also believes she recovered memories of childhood abuse), and Cameron West, author of the New York Times bestselling First Person Plural: My Life as a Multiple.

Like all conspiracy theorists, Ross seems to feel he has an understanding of the true cause of all Evil. Likewise, MPD feeds Ross’s paranoid fiction as, not only a by-product of a sinister CIA plot, but as a medical condition that serves to explain and negate all others. Roma Hart gives an example of this over-valuation of the MPD diagnosis by Ross in a personal email to the author:

[…]I was regularly in seclusion [whilst an in-patient of Colin Ross], a lovely concrete walled and floored hole where I was locked in for days at a time. Sometimes [I would be] thrown in, and I’d have the huge bruises to show for it. [The seclusion room] was often used for “behaviour modification,” I suppose. You see, when I had seizures from the drugs [Ross had over-medicated], Ross told the nurses that I was just switching personalities to one called “Blue” that had seizures, so they should throw me in seclusion whenever that happened. One evening when [the seizures were] really bad, Ross had the nurses take me down to the ward below and strip me before they dropped me onto the floor. That [particular] seclusion room had a bad fluorescent light that flickered really badly. I laid there until the next day when they put me in a wheelchair to take me back up to my other seclusion room. Those nurses, as I told you before, followed Ross around like panting puppies and did anything he said. I remember when I had my blood pressure taken my nurse asked me if I knew why my blood pressure was so unstable. I was going to answer “the drugs?" but before I could say anything she said, “it’s because each of your personalities has its own blood pressure.” And, of course, [there was] the time that I was nearly killed from an overdose on the ward and I barely made it to the nurse’s station, gasping for breath, (respiratory arrest) [trying to] get their attention. The nurses became angry at me and demanded that I go back to my room. I fell to the floor and crawled back to my room still struggling with every ounce of my strength for every breath. This was extremely frightening and I was so close to dying. I made it to my bed and the nurse took my blood pressure. She wrote it on my bed sheet as a matter of fact: 190/180. The following day after I regained consciousness another nurse came in and took my blood pressure: 60/50. Well, she remarked, you MPD patients are fascinating. You see, Doug, Ross had told the staff that night that I had “pulled myself in” and that it was an “MPD coma," not a real coma.

On the face of it, Roma Hart’s accusations appear absurd. For this reason, showing corroborative sworn testimony and affidavits is important. Thus, Ms. Hart’s claim that Dr. Ross actually encouraged her toward suicide seems quite plausible when taken together with the sworn affidavit of Winnipeg resident George Bergen, who testifies that Ross’s therapy drove his sister-in-law and at least four others to suicide, and the statement of Martha Ann Tyo (who also sued Ross for malpractice) indicating an eerily blase attitude, on Ross’s part, toward the possibility of his client’s suicide (see quote from Tyo v. Ross above). The fact that Martha Ann Tyo, a patient in Texas (Hart was treated in Manitoba), tells also of being implanted with a conviction of Satanic Ritual Abuse and alien abduction does much to affirm that these beliefs were a product of Ross’s mind rather than those of Tyo or Hart. We will be posting a full catalogue of incriminating documentation on, however – in the spirit of Ross’s own book, Bluebird, which seeks full-disclosure of CIA malpractice – I shall list an index of some of the more important ones here:

  1. Affidavit of Roma E. Hart regarding Ross’s malpractice
  2. Sworn affidavit of George Bergen regarding suicide deaths in Dr. Ross’s care
  3. Martha Ann Tyo v. Ross, et al.
  4. Testimony of Thomas Brown regarding Ross’s implantation of false memories in his wife.
  5. Sworn affidavit of Robert Alexander Cowan attesting that Ross was fired from a Winnipeg Hospital.
  6. Dr. Harold Merskey’s assessment of Dr. Colin Ross’s malpractice upon Roma Hart
  7. Petition of the British False Memory Society seeking indictment of Dr. Colin Ross for violations of the Nuremburg Code
  8. Dr. Alexander Bodkin’s assessment of Dr. Colin Ross’s malpractice upon Roma Hart
  9. Selected quotes of Dr. Colin A. Ross, suggesting a mind disturbed
  10. A list of Statutory Declarations attributing ruined lives to Dr. Ross’s clinical techniques

For a transcript of Roma Hart's interview, go to Interview with a Victim of Psychiatric Abuse.