Sandra Fecht MA


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Why Sandra Fecht Is On Our Radar

Sandra Fecht is a Counselor who has been practicing in Orillia, Canada, since 1986. Her philosophy centers on the idea that people are multi-level beings, meaning psychological issues can stem from one or more of many spiritual and energetic fields at different levels of a person’s being. Her methods of healing range from traditional counseling to more controversial methods, include energy work, reiki, holistic healing, indigenous methods, and lost memory recovery.

Ms. Fecht didn’t always practice in this way, however. She states that her career started in traditional therapy, evolving when multiple clients began speaking of ritualistic abuse and reptilians. Skeptical at first, Fecht was soon swayed by these stories. During an interview with The Cosmic Switchboard in March 2007 she says, “I’ve come up with 5 or 6 convincers for myself; If I’ve had the experience, if several of my clients are reporting the same event, if it’s in the Bible, if it’s scientifically proven, or if it’s in First Nations’ folklore, then you’ve got to believe it.” Her final “convincer” came when she brought such stories to the police, after which her building was painted with what she claims to be Satanic symbols, and her police files all disappeared.

She did not allow this to deter her, though, continuing headlong into a world of conspiracy. She has written a best-selling book called Ready, Aim, Inspire!, with the aim to reveal the readers’ highest self. More than one former client and victim of SRA have turned colleague to Fecht and are now practicing counselors using her methods to uncover other victims of SRA and other institutions such as the Illuminati and extraterrestrials. Naturally, she has gained a wide base of critics for her uncouth methods and conspiracy theories.

In 2017 Fecht agreed to a settlement with the College of Registered Psychotherapists and Registered Mental Health Therapists of Ontario. The settlement states that Fecht applied for a certificate of registration, which must have been denied as she is not currently a member of the College or of any regulated health profession in Ontario. The College states that beliefs about SRA and reptilians should not be suggested to clients, and that Fecht is not to treat her clients by prayer or spiritual means or discuss SRA and reptilians when providing therapy services. She is also not to use any title that may suggest she is a registered mental health professional. Despite this and other criticism, Fecht still speaks openly about rampant Satanic Ritual Abuse, as well as the influence of the Illuminati, reptilian race, and extraterrestrials around the globe. Many video and audio interviews can be found online. She remains active in providing counseling services through her private practice.

In Her Own Words

Sandra Fecht's wisdom on the topic of Satanic Ritual Abuse, from her interview with Dave Staffen, and Fran Toews for James Bartley’s “The Cosmic Switchboard.” March 24, 2007:

  • “They would talk about blood sacrifices, being forced to murder, being forced to marry Satan in horrific rituals.” (11:54)
  • “All of the churches have been infiltrated and compromised by the Illuminati. They’re leading us in spiritual dead ends, because the goal of the Illuminati is to create a society that’s immoral enough to worship Lucifer and to forget about any Christian values.” (39:57)
  • “...wars are like international ritual abuse, you know? They’re blood sacrifices to Satan on a global level.” (50:03)
  • “Some people started to report things like demonic entities and shapeshifting reptilians, and on and on.” (12:18)

Sandra Fecht's thoughts on reptilians and ETs from her interview with James Bartley for "The Cosmic Switchboard" April 8, 2018:

  • “People are impregnated, uh, by these reptilians in a laboratory type environment whether it’s ETs or on a military base but, uh, or underground, I’ve definitely heard a lot of those stories.” (12:20)
  • “What I’ve gathered is that sometimes they need, like, really young, small wombs, and so they impregnate children as, er, females as young as 5.” (12:44)
  • “I have had several clients who had to raise the reptilian offspring that they bore, uh, by feeding them live animals or in some cases, uh, babies.” (13:14)
  • “As I’m sure you’re aware, if they drink adrenalized blood, which is the reason for the torture, um, of the victims, then, you know, they can maintain human form for a lot longer.” (20:19)
  • “There is one story that I wanted to share that I heard that somebody, um, about a man who was being tortured and he was going to be, um, bled for his adrenalized blood. And he had a very strong belief in Christ, and he just kept praying to Christ, praying to Christ, and uh, you know, eventually he died of torture, but apparently the blood was considered no good because they couldn’t raise enough fear in him to adrenalize the blood.” (24:31)
  • “I believe that the reptilians, and the, uh, some extraterrestrials are running the world. And I think this is one huge testing ground to see what you’re made of.” (28:23)