Dawn Perlmutter PhD

  • PhD New York University
  • Masters Degree from The American University, Washington, D.C.
  • Dissertation: Graven Images: Creative Acts of Idolatry: A Hermeneutic Study of the Relevance of Theological Proscription of Image-making in Judaic Law to Contemporary Jewish Art and Artists (1993). Advisor: David W. Ecker (art, art history, aesthetics)

Perlmutter is a self-appointed expert in ritual and occult crimes. Her academic credentials are in art history. She has written on the parallels that exist between Satanism and terrorism in a piece entitled “Skandalon 2001: the Religious Practices of Modern Satanists and Terrorists.” Here is an excerpt from this embarrassing excuse for a piece of scholarship.

Perlmutter teaches a course on Ritualistic and Occult Crimes Investigation. The following is from a description of this course:

This updated course is a comprehensive workshop designed to provide crime scene analysts, law enforcement professionals, and other investigators with an extensive understanding of crime scenes containing symbolic and unfamiliar evidence. Investigators will be introduced to the types of crimes most often associated with occult activity, crime scene clues, investigation strategies, and an overview of active groups. Crime scenes, forensic and symbolic evidence involving the ritual practices of Satanism, Santeria, Voodoo, Palo Mayombe, and the Goth, Vampire, and Fetish Scenes will be presented.  New to the course is a block of instruction dealing with ritualistic practices of human traffickers.  Crime scene and autopsy images will demonstrate forensic and symbolic evidence specific to particular groups. Case studies include ritual sexual abuse, animal sacrifice, ritual homicides and human trafficking.

In Her Own Words:

From Investigating Religious Terrorism and Ritualistic Crime:

  • "When the Baphomet symbol is tattooed on a person it indicates a Satanic high priest." (p 111). (If so, the world must be full of Satanic high priests.)
  • "Atheistic Satanism glorifies what they imagine Satanism represents, which includes indulgence, vengeance, and engaging in all sins as long as they lead to self gratification." (p 112) (Not necessarily!)
  • "Traditional Satanists are proposed to be a highly organized, international, secret cult network that is actively engaged in a variety of criminal activities inclusive of arson, ritual abuse, sexual abuse, incest, kidnapping, child pornography, and ritual mutilation, dismemberment, and sometimes cannibalism […] Also referred to as generational or intergenerational Satanists, many members contend they were raised in this belief system going back several generations. […] Due to a lack of empirical evidence, many scholars, Satanic church members, mental health professionals, and a large portion of the general public consider these assertions to be urban myths, false memories or a form of Satanic Panic. Although empirical studies have not been conducted to determine the frequency that this occurs, factual evidence indicates that the practice of Traditional Satanism exists." (emphases added throughout) (pp 114-115) (What? Did she miss the memo? How about the other memo? What is this factual evidence of which she speaks?)
  • "Other famous controversial descriptions of victims of Satanic ritual abuse and entire Satanic communities practicing Traditional Satanism are described in the classic non-fiction (although some claim they are fictional) Michelle Remembers and Satan's High Priest. Both books describe in detail heinous ritual practices of Traditional Satanism." (p 115). (Would someone please fix her inbox? Looks like she's missing a lot of memos. Even Wikipedia is more accurate. Don't tell us this is the "factual evidence" she's using. Has she actually read the vague nonsense that's in those books?)

From Spiritual sleuth studies violent religions to fight crime:

  • "What's happening today is these new religions are not just serving as outlets of aggression, they are also filling a spiritual need. They're providing an ideology and a belief system for people who are very out of control and need a way to justify violence and gratify those needs. […] I don't think it's an issue of too many guns or even of bad parenting,” she concluded. “I think there's a real spiritual void.” (So... guns don't kill people, spiritual voids kill people?)

From We Asked an Expert on Ritual Murders About the Triple Homicide in the Florida Panhandle:

  • "Astrological events definitely have significance in a number of traditions, and the Blue Moon would have a particular meaning, although the Wiccan aspect is odd. They are nonviolent. When someone who practices Wicca conducts a ritual homicide, then they're no longer practicing Wicca—they've crossed over to the dark side, which would be Satanism. They definitely would not be accepted in that tradition if they were doing this." (This logic hurts our brains, starting with the fact Wiccans don't recognize even a symbolic Satan and ending with the No True Scotsman fallacy.)
  • "I don't like to comment on the Satanic ritual abuse, because i think there are victims, but there are also issues with contaminating evidence. There are definitely murder victims tied to Satanic ideologies, so it would make sense there's ritual abuse also."

From The Sacrificial Aesthetic: Blood Rituals from Art to Murder

  • "Occult crimes are the natural result of the escalation of violent aesthetics that dispute moral values. Blood art, Vampyre Culture, The Fetish Scene, literally set the ritual stage for sacrifice. Ritual murder is the epitome of the sacrificial aesthetic freed from the ethical responsibility to society. What begins as artists experimenting with blood and and mutilation as a form of personal transformation escalates to an entire culture founded on the principles of a dark mythology manifested in an orgiastic ritual. Once blood rituals turn participatory and ideologically justify sacrifice, idolatry is achieved." (Just wait until she learns about the crucifixion of Jesus.)