Conspiracy Therapists

What is a Conspiracy Therapist? A Conspiracy Therapist is a mental health professional who transfers their own beliefs in bizarre and unsubstantiated phenomena to their patients through creating false memories or reinforcing existing delusions. Patients are placed in a highly suggestible state through hypnosis, medication, guided imagery, age regression, sleep deprivation, or solitary confinement, and through suggestion, come to believe they have been the victims of horrific events for which they had no previous recall, and which often simply can't be true. These therapists often incorporate additional forms of pseudoscience, discredited therapies, and controversial diagnoses, while generally overlooking or minimizing the very real problems that brought the patient to seek treatment in the first place.

Not every name on the list incorporates repressed memory techniques or qualifies as a conspiracy therapist, but many do.  Others are practitioners of other kinds of mental health pseudoscience that may impede correct diagnosis and treatment; add unnecessary time and expense to treatment; or are otherwise on our radar for their lack of scientific footing. A few are people outside the field who have had profound influence on those in mental health care.

Most are actively in practice, writing books and articles, and giving lectures right now.