Kevin J Connors MS LMFT


According to Kevin J Connors' professional web site, he considers his "areas of particular strength" to be "Dissociation, human sexuality, gender issues, PTSD, depression, and trauma (e.g., rape, incest, ritual abuse), and complex trauma." In addition to treating patients, he also consulting services to other therapists treating Dissociative Identity Disorder and teaching classes at conferences, seminars, and institutions of higher learning. He joined the ISSTD in 1986.

By 1993, he was actively promoting belief in Satanic Ritual Abuse, as we learn in this interview in Orange Coast Magazine

Kevin J. Connors, an Orange County counselor, points out numerous similarities in other cases around the world. For example, therapists from as far away as Australia report that children's nursery rhymes such as "Who killed Cock Robin" and "London Bridge Is Falling Down" are used to trigger self-harming or destructive behaviors. Connors believes that one reason for this type of conditioning it to produce "perfect servants" of the cult.

"Underneath all the sensationalism and midnight activities-the graveyards, the blood and the upside down crosses-this is about people engaged in calculated abuse to control children for some kind of nefarious purpose," Connors says, "From a business standpoint, they want children they can control for child pornography, prostitution and drug smuggling. Through ritual abuse, these people can create the near-perfect courier."

What about the present day? For starters, many of the items on his "Questions to Ask Yourself" in the context of DID sound an awful lot like, well, ordinary life - or perhaps even things to strive for:

1. Do you feel like your life is a balancing act, and you could fall off at any moment?
2. Do you know that high intelligence and creativity are correlated with DID?
8. Does your romantic partner complain that you don't seem connected to him or her, or that you are not present much of the time?
9. Do you awake in the morning wearing different clothes than you went to bed wearing? Or do you find dirty dishes in the sink in the morning?
9 [sic]. Have friends mentioned that you sent them an email, or called them, but you don't remember doing it?
10. Do clothes seem to magically appear in your closet? Or does money seem to magically disappear from your wallet?