Ellen Lacter PhD

  • Education: PhD, California School of Professional Psychology, 1984
  • Licenses:
    • Psychologist - #PSY 9382 (California Board of Psychology)
    • Marriage and Family Therapist - #MFC 17912 (Board of Behavioral Sciences)
    • Play Therapist and Supervisor - #S 444
  • Office: 3505 Camino del Rio S #212, San Diego, CA, 92108
  • Professional affiliation outside of private clinical practice:
  • Operates the End Ritual Abuse web site.


In her academic writing,  website, presentations, and podcast/radio appearances, Ellen Lacter openly advocates for the legitimacy of numerous dangerous conspiracy theories.  These include the existence of an organized network of ritual abusers whose aim is to install advanced mind-control programming in children, an active role played by the CIA and other government agencies in Manchurian-style mind control ventures, and a sophisticated cover-up of these activities via the placement of insiders in government, intelligence, and law-enforcement agencies.

  • She is an active member of the ISSTD’s Ritual Abuse, Mind Control, and Organized Abuse (RAMCOA) special interest group.
  • In 2013, she started a petition on change.org for congress to investigate what she believes is wide-spread CIA mind-control of children.
  • Predicated on her belief that widespread, organized ritual abuse is a reality and that such reports by patients are not generally delusional, she maintains that many schizophrenia cases are misdiagnosed as such, and should be really DID cases.
  • She advocates against a neutral line of questioning in working with potential victims of extreme abuse (indicators for which include a variety of ordinary phobias and phenomena), for fear of generating “false negatives.”  This is despite the extensive history and overwhelming clinical evidence that leading questioning can lead to the creation of false memories.
  • She consulted with Gigi Jordan about the latter’s fear that her eight-year-old son Jude Mirra’s autism was a manifestation of his abuse at the hands of a Satanic cult.  Lacter did nothing to disabuse Ms. Jordan of these delusional fantasies - to the contrary she provided Ms. Jordan with information about ritual abuse.  Ms. Jordan proceeded to murder her son to save him from future abuse, and is currently serving an 18 year sentence. See also the Grey Faction report on the Gigi Jordan case; the follow-up report; as well as the video embedded at the end of this entry, for more information on Lacter’s role in the death of Jude Mirra.
  • Lacter claims to not know the difference between endorsing delusions and validating the emotional distress caused by belief in them.

In Her Own Words

  • Mental health and law-enforcement professionals working with severe trauma are increasingly seeing victims of torture administered with the purpose of installation of more covert mind control -- that is, mind control that was installed in a deeply dissociated (without conscious awareness) state and that controls the person from these unconscious, dissociated states of mind.
  • In abusive rituals, witchcraft (not Wicca) abusers seek to attach evil entities (spirits of abusers and demons) to dissociated identities to harass and control victims for their entire lives. […] Curses, hexes, vexes, and spells are used to attempt to inflict physical and psychological harm.
  • Abusers administer torture, often combined with drugs, to obstruct the individual's conscious processing and to access dissociated ego-states (identities, personalities) formed in earlier abuse. The designated personalities are commanded to commit acts or to think and fear particular things that further the abusers’ agenda.
  • Alternatively, a new form of torture may be applied to force the psyche to create a new ego-state, whom the abusers will then use for a new purpose. A central function of this technique is to cause the victim to re-experience, both physically and psychologically, the pain and terror of the tortured ego-states should the individual consider violating abuser commands. The experience of the original torture often leaks to the host personality in rushes of terror and somatic manifestations of the abuse, such as pain, bruising, or swelling (though not to the degree of the original injury), with no conscious registration of the abuse or abused ego-state.
  • Installation of mind-control programming relies on the victim's capacity to form new dissociated ego-states (personalities) to hold and hide programming behind walled-off amnesic barriers. Already dissociative children are prime candidates for programming. Alternatively, very young children can be made to be dissociative through torture. The extreme abuse inflicted on young children in familial satanic and witchcraft cults intentionally and reliably induces the formation of dissociated ego-states in the psyche. Many ritual abuse survivors report that other abuser groups with criminal, political, military, and espionage agendas infiltrate their familial cults to gain access to these readily programmable children to use them to serve their own agendas, often paying cult parents large sums of money to be able to program these children.
  • Much trauma-based mind-control programming is significantly more complex, more technological in its methods of installation, and utilizes the individual's dissociated ego-states (personalities) to effect greater layering of psychological effects. Personalities are usually programmed to take executive control of the mind and body in response to particular cues (hand signals, tones, spoken names, etc.), and then follow directives, with complete amnesia for these events. Personalities are programmed to become flooded with anxiety or feel acutely suicidal if they defy program directives.
  • Program triggers, cues, and access codes are also installed, to gain future access to the structure and to programmed personalities. This permits the programmer to install, change, and erase commands, messages, and information and to retrieve information, all out of victims’ conscious awareness. An erase code for the structure is also installed to allow the programmer to later erase a defective, outdated, or unwanted structure. I have witnessed survivors from distant geographical areas report the identical erase code for the same structure.
  • Complex mind control is designed to override a victim's free will, to force victims to follow commands and perform actions that are in clear violation of their moral principles and spiritual convictions, generally without conscious awareness. These kinds of programming tend to exert control over the individual for decades, often with no conscious awareness of the programming or of the personalities under its control.
  • [Regarding evidence of ritual abuse and mind control]
  • Trauma-based mind control programming is a term generally used for thought reform that goes beyond the above-described overt torture, intimidation, and brainwashing of the conscious mind, to covert installation of information in the unconscious mind through sophisticated, often technological, Machiavellian means. Mental health and law enforcement professionals working with severe trauma are increasingly seeing victims of such torture.
  • Personalities are usually programmed to take executive control of the body in response to particular cues (hand signals, tones, etc.), and then follow directives, with complete amnesia for these events. Personalities are programmed to become flooded with anxiety or feel acutely suicidal if they defy program directives.
  • Victims may be able to describe the torture they have endured, or they may fear doing so. In many cases of ritual abuse and mind control trauma, the abuse remains dissociated when the individual first seeks treatment. Typically, the initial presenting problems are symptoms of anxiety, depression, or trauma derived from childhood sexual abuse, usually by a family member, who is eventually understood as a participant in the abuser group.
  • Victims of trauma-based mind control also usually experience intense or odd reactions to benign stimuli that were used in their programming. For example, they may have been programmed to “remember to forget” every time they see an apple, or to remember they are being watched every time they hear a police or fire siren. Similarly, they may make repetitive, robotic statements that do not make sense in the context of dialogue, e.g., "I want to go home", a common programmed statement intended to keep victims obedient to abuser groups and reporting to their abusers. Specific songs may be compulsively sung for similar programmed purposes.
  • In ritual abuse and mind control trauma, a few personalities generally form in response to severe, early abuse, often in infancy. Personalities continue to branch off of these in response to ongoing trauma. Not uncommonly, these individuals have hundreds of personalities, receiving the diagnosis of Complex DID.
  • Belief in the existence of ritual abuse and mind control is not in the realm of acceptance in mainstream Western culture, and therefore likely to be mistaken for delusional.
  • To the uninformed or misinformed clinician, common beliefs and behaviors associated with ritual trauma and mind control are indistinguishable from many types of delusions associated with Schizophrenia or Delusional Disorder, per DSM-IV definitions (pp. 765- 766). Reports of torture by organized abuser groups conspiring to silence their victims are easily mistaken for bizarre (implausible) and persecutory delusions. Reports of explosives within the body or surgical implants controlling oneself (common beliefs installed in technological mind control) can easily be confused with somatic delusions. Similarly misinterpreted are fear responses to benign stimuli, that were in actuality utilized in the victim’s trauma or programming. Programming can also cause compulsive behaviors that appear bizarre when viewed out of context, such as robotic, repetitive statements or singing songs at inappropriate times, unusual hand movements, patterned self-mutilation, etc. These behaviors and beliefs appear bizarre, possibly psychotic, if the history of ritual trauma and coercive mind control remain unrecognized.
  • For example, Senator John DeCamp’s book, The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska, 1992, has carefully documented a case involving allegations of ritual abuse involving prominent community and political figures.
  • Many victims of ritual abuse report being telepathic or clairvoyant, and may be superstitious and rely on magical thinking. These characteristics are shared by many patients with DID who are not necessarily ritually abused (Ellason, Ross & Fuchs, 1996). Many ritual abuse victims also claim to have had paranormal experiences, such as astral travel, out-of-body, and near-death experiences, in which their spirits left their physical body.
  • Torture-based mind control is practised by individuals and groups who seek to maximally control and exploit others, particu- larly children. Included are practitioners of abusive religious rituals (e.g., Satanism and abusive witchcraft), organized crimes against children (child pornography, prostitution, and trafficking), and groups with political, military, and espionage agendas.  Survivors commonly report torture using electroshock, spin- ning, isolation, confinement (cages, coffins, etc.), sexual abuse, beat- ings (especially to the head), hanging or pulling with ropes and chains, suffocation, drowning, being held over fire, blinding or flashing light, forced ingestion of blood, urine, faeces, flesh, etc., hunger, thirst, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, submersion in ice water, drugs to induce paralysis, pain, confusion, amnesia, etc., application of snakes, spiders, maggots, rats, etc., and being forced to perform or witness abuse, torture and sacrifice of people and animals.
  • Survivor accounts are the primary source material on torture-based mind control. Critics say this is untrustworthy data. However, torture is criminal internationally, and its effects cannot be directly studied.
  • Some of the strongest corroborative evidence for mind control is a 2007 internet survey in which 1471 people from at least forty countries responded as survivors to the Extreme Abuse Survey (EAS) (Becker, Karriker, Overkamp, & Rutz, 2007).
  • A synthesis of survivor accounts suggests that the central psychological mechanism that permits mind control programming to be effected is that extreme torture can force a victim’s psyche to form new, readily programmable self-states, separated from the front personality by programmed amnestic barriers, that can be exploited to “hold” and “hide” directives, skills, and information. The condi- tions that appear to most reliably yield new programmable states are (1) application of torture in the preschool years or to already dissociation-prone individuals, and (2) application of forms of torture that victims have not yet learned to endure, such as novel or extremely prolonged torture.
  • Although we may never have evidence of torture-based mind control directly evolving from military electroshock treatments, I believe the likelihood is high.
  • For example, some ego-states see themselves as powerful or believe themselves to be “chosen” for some honoured position, but they are amnestic for the early, severe abuse, that forced their formation and kept them controlled.
  • I believe that practitioners of torture-based mind control have a depth understanding of all of these kinds of dissociative states, calculatingly induce some types to form, limit some to holding pain and terror, condition some to perform executive functions of more complexity, manipulate “self-created” ego states to the degree that they can, all to exploit the unique properties of each to the fullest.
  • Many survivors claim that sophisticated abusers recognize that a new self-state has arisen when the child no longer reacts with terror or pain to the torture. This new state is immediately named and given directives. Abusers may also “install” the perception of entities and structures. These messages, entities, and structures become paired with pain and terror in the new trauma-bound state, which has no cognitive capacity to process or reject any of this input. This all remains dissociated from the host.
  • Many survivors also describe rituals in which witchcraft abusers “placed” parts of their “spirits” inside of them, usually in specific self-states, through the transfer of body fluids and substances. “Attached spirits” are perceived to internally repeat the controlling messages first spoken in rituals, such as, “You belong to me”, “You will obey me”, etc. Commonly, such abusers also “attach” their deities to strengthen the spirits’ effects. Affected self-states may also perceive that the abusers captured parts of their own spirit to hold captive within themselves.  Even if the host views such “transfers” as impossible, self-states formed and indoctrinated in the “theology” of these abusers gener- ally perceive them as very real, and the impact is devastating, as they feel inhabited by these “attached” entities.
  • In ritual abuse groups low in programming sophistication, “don’t remember” programming may be the most severe, deeply buried trauma. A victim of such a group was attempting to work through a ritual when she saw flashes of coloured light. In explor- ing the meaning of the lights, she recalled, “You tell, you die.” She discovered that as a small child, she had begun to tell an aunt of her abuse. Her abusers took her to more advanced programmers to silence her. These programmers electroshocked her repeatedly, each time saying, “You tell, you die.” Once this became conscious, she was able to change these words to “I choose to live”. With support and guidance for each step, she was able to ask her spiritual source to go into the programming room, push the abusers away from herself, destroy the electroshock equipment, pick up the self-states formed by this trauma, and bring them to an inner healing place she had already created. Thereafter, the only “blocks” while work- ing through the rituals were perceived “spiritual attachments” from rituals.
  • Many survivors are also programmed against the use of hypnosis by anyone but their programmers and handlers, since hypnosis is an effective means of obtaining information from the unconscious mind and in overcoming programming.
  • I believe that complete “neutrality” and use of only open-ended questions has a high risk of promoting many “false negatives” in ritually abused and programmed clients. I have observed that neutral questions, such as, “and then what happened?”, often leave clients too alone in their fear, causing much trauma to remain disso- ciated, often indefinitely. Focused questions allow for more material to come forward. For example, asking, “Was anyone else involved?”, lets survivors know we are open to hearing of multi-perpetrator abuse. Asking, “Was it perceived that anything was attached in that abuse?”, lets survivors know we are open to work with perceived spiritual aspects of the abuse. Asking whether anything was done to intentionally control the mind opens the subject of mind control.  Proponents of “false memory syndrome” will argue that we should not formulate questions based on prior knowledge, that this influences our clients to produce false memories. I agree there is a risk of generating confusion and acquiescence if therapists ask questions that assume the unstated. However, questions that are too general often fail to communicate that the therapist under- stands enough to help.
  • For example, complex programmes have “failsafes”, such as bombs, booby-traps, back-ups, and re-sets. Programmes may be networked to activate multiple programmes if there is interference with any one programme. Sophisticated programmers install removal procedures, including codes, so they can remove, replace, and redo programmes. Removal of such programmes requires a cautious, methodical approach. If the programmer said a specific removal code must be used, the affected self-states often perceive that only that exact code can erase that programme. To these self- states, the programmer may be perceived as God. Generally, to remove such programming, the exact code must be found, the programmed removal steps followed, and each element undone within the reality of the programmed self-states.
  • Programme reset codes can be changed to impossible stimuli, for example, a one-inch tall baby giraffe with peppermint breath whistling Dixie.
  • Sometimes, ego states originally heavily programmed for system oversight functions decide to defy their abusers and change “sides”. These ego states know much more than their own experi- ence, having been programmed for key monitoring functions, such as recorder and reporter alters, or regulatory functions, such as alters that control “switching” between the host and programmed self-states, or system leadership roles, such as alters with significant status in their abuser groups.
  • Once programming tricks, lies, films, set-ups, etc., are made conscious, revealed for what they are, and the affected self-states are discovered, they lose their potency. The survivor now has the conscious capacity to mentally reject the intended messages, perceptions, and set-ups. Programmed triggers come under conscious control. In some instances, triggers are further mastered by changing them to impossible stimuli, like a purple and blue polka-dotted apple playing the saxophone.
  • When clients perceive the presence of spiritual evil, internally or externally, I usually work with that perception, rather than initiating dialogue about whether the perceived evil is real or not. If I were to try to convince a ritually abused client that human spirits or entities are not real, to try to reduce their fear, etc., I might stand a chance with some hosts, but no chance with self-states raised in Satanism or abusive witchcraft. Those self-states were raised in cultures rooted in theologies that such entities are more powerful and enduring than human life. And these self-states are barely orientated to the outside world. Programming is most deeply resolved when it succeeds in changing the reality of programmed alters in the inner world. Whether such “evil” is spiritually real or not, it is psycho- logically real to these self-states, and I believe it can only be dealt with as such.
  • In good therapy, we heal the spirit, not treat disorders. Even “cognitive” distortions/traps are only healed in depth work.
  • Ritual abuse and mind control survivors can only heal if their therapists believe they were tortured, though we need not validate every memory. Programming, abusers’ illusions, and psychological factors can cause distortions of memory.
  • Most therapy clients are trauma survivors, not hard-wired mental disorders, such as schizophrenia or true bipolar disorder!
  • The human spirit may actually leave the body in extreme, near-death trauma. This may be more than just psychological.