Ellen Lacter PhD

  • In private practice and on the faculty of the University of California San Diego - Extension.
  • Operates the End Ritual Abuse web site.
  • Former head of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation's (ISSTD) “Ritual Abuse/Mind-control Special Interest Group.”
  • Lacter actively propagates bizarre, delusional claims regarding Satanic cult conspiracies and “witchcraft abuse.”
  • Lacter claims to not know the difference between endorsing delusions and validating the emotional distress caused by belief in them.

Ellen Lacter was consulted by Gigi Jordan prior to Ms. Jordan killing her 8-year old son Jude Mirra under the delusion that she was preserving him from future Satanic abuse. The ISSTD all but admitted to (p. 6) their awareness of Lacter's gross incompetence, stating that she

briefly consulted on a case which ended in tragedy. The mother in this case was concerned about her autistic son, and eventually took her son's life in an effort to protect him from perceived threats. [Lacter] never treated the child, but provided some resources for the mother related to organized and ritualistic abuse based on the mother's concerns.

Despite the fact that Lacter failed to protect a child from his apparently homicidal mother, and seems to have shared in Ms. Jordan's delusions, Lacter continues to be invited back to the ISSTD's annual conference.

See the Grey Faction report on the Gigi Jordan case; the follow-up report; as well as the video embedded below, for more information on Lacter’s role in the death of Jude Mirra.