Alison Miller PhD


November 2019: Alison Miller has turned in her license as a result of a Grey Faction complaint

Alison Miller, PhD, is a retired psychologist (#654) in Victoria, British Columbia and a past chair of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation's Ritual Abuse and Mind Control and Organized Abuse (RAMCOA) Special Interest Group. Miller is a prolific author and presenter, including the books Healing the Unimaginable: Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control; Becoming Yourself: Overcoming Mind Control and Ritual Abuse; and (with her former patient turned conspiracy theorist Wendy Hoffman), From the Trenches: A Victim and a Therapist Talk about Mind Control and Ritual Abuse.

In 2016, Miller presented at the Survivorship conference - an organization whose President believes he was a brainwashed assassin for the Illuminati trained to “rape and kill without feeling,” yet maintains the power to confer Continuing Education Units upon conference attendees - on "Internal Keys to Safety." She informed the audience that a particular type of hand waving gesture is a symptom of being mind-controlled. She also suggested to attendees their spouses or lovers are not to be trusted, as they may be agents that The Conspiracy had intentionally inserted into their lives in order to control and manipulate them.

Miller presented twice at the 2017 Survivorship conference. One of Miller’s lectures was titled “Working Through Your Traumatic Memories and Destroying the Mind Control” and the other was titled “Confronting the Spiritual Issues in Ritual Abuse.”

In the former lecture, Miller makes several entertaining and revealing statements about the neurobiology of memory, “working through” (read: “recovering”) traumatic memories, and “destroying” “mind control.” She apologizes multiple times for using the word “safe” - a word that she seems rather confident is triggering for many attendees.

One of the more troubling statements in this lecture, in the middle of an endorsement of so-called “body memories” - the idea that traumatic memories can somehow be “stored” in the body rather than the brain, championed by Bessel van der Kolk - include the following.

“A huge number of survivors report something that they think must be epilepsy. They suddenly go into bouts of shaking - it’s probably electroshock memory flashbacks.”

Of course, the electroshock she’s referring to, we are to believe, was a form of torture and mind control perpetrated by abusive cults.

She also promotes the idea that supposed memories of alien abduction are instilled by cults as a means of hiding the true perpetrators,

“When I had my client who had the memory of the alien spaceship. I don’t think I talked about that with you, I think I talked about that with the therapists. This was a memory that was supposed to come up if she started to remember any ritual abuse and mind control stuff. She was supposed to remember the aliens abducting her so that everybody would think she was crazy and wouldn’t believe the ritual abuse stuff. But when we did that memory from beginning to end it turned out that the alien spaceship was in the courtyard of the cult training center. So who really put that alien spaceship there? It was the cult people, they weren’t real aliens, they were dressed up people and I confirmed that by asking the programmer that I knew and she said it was a lot of fun being an alien.”

Toward the end of this lecture, Miller makes some astounding claims that lay bare her ignorance of how memory works. She discusses “baby memories” - memories allegedly formed when one is an infant,

“Baby memories need to be processed for full integration. The first splits happened when you were a baby. And when you do baby memory it’s possible that your whole personality system may be involved because when you were born, you were not a thousand people, right? Everybody was split off from the original, and there’s a lot of cult groups that talk about ‘the original’ and the original is very important. And you need to process those memories of those very early splits. Kabbalah-based groups split off thirteen root parts who are going to be used and each of them is the source like a branch in a tree. And the Kabbalah has a design like a tree and each one of those thirteen begins a branch and all the ones in the branch are split from that one. But when you’re doing the baby memories you might need to regress to infancy temporarily, so you’re lying there or sitting there in a very comfortable place so that if you’re a baby, you’re not going to fall off the couch.”

Of course, we don’t start forming lasting memories until approximately age seven. But she goes on,

“One more special situation, if you remember dying or becoming unconscious. That’s a little tricky, especially if you have an older body and have a heart condition or something like this. Is something going to happen to you if you process a memory like this? I haven’t had it happen to any of my clients, though I must say I’ve sat there for what seemed to be ten minutes when somebody wasn’t breathing and I thought ‘Oh my God they’re going to die in my office.’ That was very scary. But they didn’t. But they were going through the memory of having actually lost consciousness and then they have to go through that part and then they come back. I can’t tell you what the medical situation is. I know that it was very hard in the first place to put you in that condition, so it’s very stressful on the body. At the same time, you also have a situation which is comfortable, not dangerous, in the present, so that may reduce the body’s arousal and may mean you’re less likely to have a stroke or something like this. I haven’t seen anybody die while processing a memory in safety. [...] I had one client who was in her Satan part, and Satan was in Hell, being tortured, and it was a terrible, horrible place, he was told that’s where he would go when he died, and they overdid the drugs and he did actually die, went to this place and it wasn’t Hell, and then he came back. And he knew they were lying.”

Proving that there’s plenty more where that came from, in the latter lecture, she begins by stating, in part:

“First thing I’m going to talk about is in the culture, in Western culture, what do we know about Satan. And I’m calling this part a brief history of Satan - the man in a skin tight red suit with horns and a tail. Now I’m joking here, but I’m not joking, because some of you as children saw this guy. Some of you maybe even as adults saw this guy. Because they have Satan suits. In the ritually abusing cults, the Satanic cults, the Luciferian cults, they dress some guy up in this suit, and he’s a nasty looking thing. And then they engage in certain kinds of rituals and abuses which involve him and he does the most serious and the most damaging kind of rapes and things like that that are part of the rituals.”

Later on,

“Satanists not only hold this mythology, but they want to play on it, so they do a lot of play acting. They simulate religious scenarios. And I’m gonna talk about some of the things that they do, and if you don’t want to listen find a way to make sure the parts of you that don’t want to listen are not listening, okay. First of all they simulate Satan, Lucifer, and Hell. They usually start by putting a kid into a coffin, drugging the child until it falls asleep, and then it wakes up and it’s in another place, it’s in a place that’s called Hell. It believes it’s in Hell, which is a place in the afterlife, a bad place. Hell is simulated for all kinds of rituals. There’s usually fire, smoke, and the way they make smoke is with dry ice. … And they have the fire, and they have the dry ice, and Satan appears out of the fire. Guy in the red suit - maybe it’s fireproof or maybe he’s just behind the fire, but he appears. Other creatures that are part of the Satanic mythology also appear - Beelzebub, Satan’s messenger, the Beast, Lucifer, there’s all kinds of different names - but essentially what they are is men in costumes and masks. They’re dressed up and they’re very frightening to little children, and they’re very frightening to little child parts of grownups. But it’s all play acting. Then there’s a horrible ceremony called The Marriage to Satan which is a painful rape by the guy in the Satan suit, this occurs in the place called Hell usually. And there’s a Satanic baptism which happens at a very young age which also involves a rape by that guy. Then in Hell they do this thing to split off parts of the person that they call demons. Big demons, human beings, grownups - men and women - in costumes abuse little kids to split off new parts of them. And then they tell those parts that “you’re a demon like me” - the new part that’s split off and it doesn’t know what it is, it’s a little kitten, it’s just appeared and it’s in this horrible place and it doesn’t know what’s going on and it sees these grownups in costumes and it doesn’t know that those are costumes and thinks they really look like that. And often they will do something also to put the kid in a costume … the kid might be made unconscious, wakes up and is wearing this costume, you know, it’s got gloves on that look all furry with big claws and this kind of thing so this little child who later is an inside part of an adult survivor believes that this is what it looks like. Or it will just look like a child but they show it something that the child is told “this is a mirror” and it looks in this “mirror” and it has this picture of this demon on it, and the little kid thinks it’s looking in a mirror and this is what I look like. All this stuff is done in fake Hell. And fake Hell can be many places, it’s usually outdoors but I’ve had survivor clients swear it was a barn or the upstairs in an attic in an old house, different places.

“And in Hell, the victims are usually given a choice between being tortured and torturing other people. That choice is much more significant than anything else because when you’re making that kind of a choice now you’re doing some good and evil choice. All the other stuff, all these guys in the costumes and stuff, they’re window dressing. It’s horrible what they do, it’s all abuse, but this is not about you being evil, this is about - yes, it’s about an evil group doing this to you, but you’re not choosing evil. But when you choose whether or not you’re going to hurt others versus yourself that is actually a real moral choice.

“Another thing they do here is a child might be made to sign a contract giving his or her soul to Satan or Lucifer. For those of you who are young enough to not understand it, those contracts are not legal. A child forced under torture to sign a contract - children signing contracts is not legal in any case, let alone the situation in which it happens.

“But these are things they do. They don’t just simulate Hell, and Satan, and all his minions, they simulate God and Jesus. The light of God, the bright light of God, is used for interrogation - and they just use an interrogation light of some sort, they say “this is the light of God” to make people terrified of God because this awful light is being shined on the victim while they’re being tortured. And then God appears - maybe they’re told they’re in Heaven or maybe God even appears on the Earth - and he’s an old guy with a white beard dressed in a robe. And he may rape a child, he may verbally abuse the child, but whatever he does it’s an act of utter rejection, saying the child is so evil, so horrible that he wants nothing to do with them and the child better go to Hell. God is not going to help him in any way. And again for the child parts if you please know, this guy is not the creator of the universe, this is a Satanist in a costume. He may look like God but he’s not God.


“And then we have Jesus simulated and he looks all like the traditional pictures of Jesus. […] This blue-eyed guy with long hair and a robe and a beard and this kind of thing appears, and he does the same kind of thing - he may turn his back on the child, he may rape the child, he may just spit on the child, or he may be tied to a cross and the child had to hurt him. Or the child may be tied to the cross and tortured by the guy in the Jesus costume. This is all trickery and awful things to make you afraid of any connection with any real sense of God, or with any sense of a savior or redeemer or being who is beyond this Earth who can care about you. I’ve also had a client where her hands were used to kill a baby that she was told was the baby Jesus, done in the basement of the church. Lots of this stuff happens in church basements as I’m sure some of you know quite well.”

Miller’s delusional ramblings go on to include discussions of how Satanists simulate Egyptian, New Age, and other religious beliefs as part of their mind control programming.

Miller draws on supposed statements from her own clients in discussing the use of “simulated surgery,” “psychic killers,” and “demons”:

“The essence of a lot of the spiritual abuse is making victims believe they’re evil. [...] Here are things that are done by these groups to make kids think that they’re evil beings. The simulated surgery where they put something in you, like a black heart. I have a client who was three years old when she was first accessed by this dreadful Satanic group. It was one of those back-woods groups but they had some training, their leader had some training by one of the more organized groups that I know about. And they did this thing where they’ve got her and they, you know, out in the woods and the guy says he’s gonna put a black heart in her, and he shows her a black heart that he has in his hand - probably the heart of some kind of an animal whose heart is naturally black. And he says that he’s going to do surgery to take out her heart and put this black heart inside her. And then he does something to make her chest hurt really badly and then he does something and tells her that he’s put the black heart in her, and from then on there’s a black heart in her. And when the black heart is in there, just before he put the black heart supposedly in her, she was given a hallucinogenic drug, and just as this happens she starts to see everything going wavy, the whole world is going wavy, and everything’s wobbling and waving, it’s like these waves that she sees everywhere. And then the group all gather and they’re around the circle and she had a - half an hour earlier she was given a puppy to play with and she was allowed to play with this lovely puppy. The group gather around now after she’s got the supposed black heart and they pull the puppy to pieces in front of her and she’s told it’s the waves coming from her that did it. The waves are what she’s seeing because of the drug in her. She’s not creating waves, her brain is distorting what she’s seeing because of this and she thinks she killed that puppy so she must be so evil that she thinks this is because of her black heart. And fifty years later those parts of her still think that she did this, and she’s just in terrible spiritual agony over the fact that she could’ve done this awful thing. The reality is she was a little tiny girl and she loved the puppy. And she didn’t have anything to do with what happened to it, she was just there. So those simulated surgeries - I had another client who had Satan’s brain put in her - those kinds of things, that’s one of the ways to convince a kid that they’re evil. And then they drug the child to unconsciousness, dress them up as a demon or a monster or an alien, and they’re wearing the costume, and everybody around acts as if they’re evil and frightening and everybody’s scared. So the kid again gets the message you’re evil, you’re frightening, you’re terrible, you’re bad.

“And then parts of the child are trained as psychic killers, whether they’re witches - they use the word witches, different terms for this - but they’re told that they have to kill, they’re trained maybe to kill little birds or something like this, and eventually they’re to kill an actual person and they watch this person - they’re told to kill this person - they watch someone apparently die and they’re told that they killed them psychically. It’s trickery, it’s deception, someone at a distance can easily fake being dead. But the child doesn’t know that, they think they killed them. They think that their energy or their - they can deliberately do this. All this stuff is done to make a child believe that he or she is an evil being when all they are is a child who’s in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Then we have the business of inviting in demons. They put the child in a triangle - that’s a kind of demon catcher - and a pentagram around that and the child’s given a hallucinogenic drug again, she’s told to invite in a demon. Maybe she’s beaten over the head with a red hot poker from the fire to make her do this and finally she wants that torture to stop so she invites in the demon and it’s all timed for the moment when the drug will take effect, and the child is tortured and a new part is split off - everyone hails it as a demon and pretends to be afraid of it. And the child feels weird and disoriented and figures it must be really a demon because it certainly doesn’t feel like a child anymore, it feels like something else. This poor kid believes that he or she is a demon. And so then we get to people who are adult survivors and they have demons in them. What do they really have? They have a part that was split off in this kind of event, or in the kind of event where it’s woken up and told it’s a demon, however it’s done. And the demon parts are given jobs like anybody else in the personality system. It’s all tricks. All this stuff is deception.

All of this, she says, is leading up to what they really want:

“What they really want is not just that you believe that you are evil, but that you take part in actions which are evil. And ritual groups involve children in both real and simulated animal and human sacrifices. At first they hold the child’s hand - there’s a grownup’s hand over you - and then later their goal is to split off a part that will do it without being physically forced. It’s an awful thing if some just, say an animal is being sacrificed and a man’s hand is over yours and you can’t really move your hand and you are forced to see that animal die. And then somehow they tell you you did it. And you’re a child, you do not understand, your hand was there, but the reality is his hand did it. When I have a client telling me about this event, which has pretty well happened to all survivors, I will pick up their hand and move it back and forth and I’ll say, ‘Who moved your hand?’ Who moved their hand? I did! They didn’t move their hand. I moved their hand. And I keep doing that until they sort of get the message that no, you did not do this, and you did not kill that animal or human or whatever it was that was killed in this thing. That person whose hand was over yours did it. But it’s very hard for a young child to understand that distinction. Then certain parts of the person are trained to dissect the sacrifices, take out the heart, all those kinds of things. There are parts that are taught to rape girls without objects. And parts of the child that refuse are punished and discarded and the torture continues until the part agrees to do it.”

Then, in a diatribe that closely aligns with Brick’s own claims to have been a brainwashed assassin for the Illuminati, trained to “rape and kill without feeling,” Miller explains:

“Many personality systems of survivors have soldier parts. And they’ve gone through behavioral conditioning to kill or harm without thinking - just do it. Get it over with. Don’t think. You have to do it so fast. And then the military-political perpetrator groups and the organized crime groups train kids to be assassins. All of these things are training for perpetration.”

Later on, Miller harps on the common theme of forced breeding for the purpose of human sacrifice:

“When a girl is 11-13, very often she is made to have a baby which she has to take part in sacrificing. A girl’s first baby is supposed to be Satan’s child. And giving birth to babies who are sacrificed or kept hidden and repeatedly abused is something again that happens, also mothers are taught to suffocate their baby whenever it cries, not to the point of death but to the point of asphyxia. That’s where the “don’t cry” programming is and if any of you survivors want to know why you can’t cry, this is why you can’t cry, cause you went through this. But expecting you to do this and if the mother won’t do it the trainer comes in and does it for you. And then some mothers and fathers are required to sexually abuse their own children because they’re told if you don’t sexually abuse your child they will be killed.”

Miller then exposes her own dubious, potentially unethical practices when she discusses another client. She uses this example to explain why many supposed ritual abuse survivors may be diagnosed as schizophrenic due to them hearing the voice of Jesus or God.

“One of my first ritual abuse survivor clients was a young man and he was supposedly schizophrenic. I visited him once when he was hospitalized and I was talking with one of his cult parts. A clerk or somebody started to come up and the client said to me, ‘Sh! Remember, we’re schizophrenic in here.’ Because ‘we’ were not schizophrenic when he was talking with me.”

Miller explains that people hallucinating the voice of God may just be replaying the memory of the Satanist dressing up as Jesus or God and abusing them. How many clients truly suffering from schizophrenia has Miller diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder? How many of them end up enduring a course of treatment at the hands of Miller, ending up in far worse shape than before they met her? We can only wonder.

Miller’s book, “Healing the Unimaginable: Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control,” published in 2012, is similarly troublesome. Here are some select quotes from her book:

“A few weeks before [her suicide], she [Lorraine] asked me earnestly, “Is it a mortal sin if you kill yourself?” and I said no. I knew I was giving her permission, in a sense. I had told the parts of her that wanted to die that if they killed the parts that did not want to die it would be murder. They kept taking an internal vote, and each time more of them wanted to go. I never told them not to.” (p. 1)


“My initial excitement at working with this newly understood diagnosis was rapidly diminishing. At the same time I was developing compassion for these people who lived part of their lives in a living hell, and this motivated me to embrace the challenges they presented. I worked hard with them, and I soon discovered that other people- the cult- were working with them, too. They lurked outside my office waiting to kidnap my clients and take them somewhere to re-abuse them as a punishment for talking to me. The set off “programs,” the conditioned responses which my clients’ child parts had been trained to perform, such as falling asleep in session, calling them and reporting what we’d talked about, being unable to understand english, cutting themselves, or trying to hurt me. They made various threats to terrified child parts of my clients, that they would harm or kill them or me or other people they cared for if they did not stop coming to therapy and stop talking about what had happened and was happening to them. (I did not believe they would be stupid enough to kill me, since I knew their names and had given them to the police.)” (p. 3)


After her client’s suicide: “I was sad, but not as sad as I had been when Lorraine was alive and constantly being re-abused and tortured by people who were not acknowledged to exist. At least she was no longer subject to this lack of safety. It was over. She could not go through that any longer. I made it clear to the cult at the memorial service that on this subject at least I agreed with them.” (p. 4)


“When I worked with my first ritually abused clients, I was constantly hearing threats to my life. Teresa, in particular, would come for an appointment and relate in great detail how the cult high priest (whose identity I knew) was going to lie in wait in the hallway of my office building and how he would kill me. The worst threat was then I found out from one of these first four clients that the cult leaders had taken them all in a van to drive way of my home, had them abused while drugged by a woman impersonating me, and then told them my address and instructed them to go there and set fire to my house while my children and I were asleep. This event was corroborated about a year later by another one of these clients. I took precautions, leaving copies of my records with a lawyer, and the abusers’ names in a sealed envelope with the police. I calculated (correctly) that killing me would be a greater security risk to the group than leaving me alive and trying to discredit me in professional circles. But still, I was afraid. It is difficult not to keep on imagining these horrors when you hear them in such detail.” (p. 7)


On the avalanche of lawsuits from former patients against therapists in the dissociative disorders field: “While some therapists were doubtless foolish and unethical, many were not, but almost all were unprepared for this well-organized political attack. Since many of the lawsuits were about cases where ritual abuse was alleged, the remaining leaders in the field of dissociative disorders pulled back and took a skeptical position regarding the existence of ritual abuse. This left the therapists such as myself, whose clients were reporting this, in a position of isolation. We were attacked by skeptics when we mentioned ritual abuse in online discussion forums. We had no local colleagues who understood what we were dealing with. There were no textbooks to guide us. We saw those from whom we had learnt being publicly ridiculed and humiliated. So, most of us learnt to do our work in private, developing our own techniques, without reporting them publicly.” (p. 7-8)


“We know that there is not one massive Satanic cult, but many different interrelated groups, including religious, military/political, and organized crime, using mind control on children and adult survivors. We know that there are effective treatments. We know that many of the paralyzing beliefs our clients lived by are the result of lies and tricks perpetrated by their abusers.” (p. 8)“Think of Jason Bourne, or the hero of Conspiracy Theory, or Echo in television’s Dollhouse, as well as other American television shows and films. The stories concocted about these mind-controlled special agents suggest that they are recruited in adulthood, even making a conscious choice to participate. [...] The awful reality, however, is that there is only one way to create persons who can engage in activities such as spying, sex slavery, assassination, or ritual murder without any conscious awareness of this. The way is through abuse and torture of small children, separating parts of their minds that are then indoctrinated and trained individually as the abusers see fit. There is no adult who volunteers his loyalty to such a group because of thought-out belief in its goals; there are only small children who are trained by these groups through torture, and, as a consequence, grow up with major dissociative disorders. Worse, in most cases these children’s own parents are involved in their torture and the training of their parts. Amnesia related to the traumatic events is much more likely if caregivers are involved in the abuse, and if it has to be kept secret, as Jennifer Freyd points out in Betrayal Trauma (1996).” (p. 13)


“Different training is given to each state or group of similar states. Each is assigned and trained to do a specific “jobs” or to have a different function. The more complex the abuse and mind control training the child has experienced, the more complex the personality system. In this way, the perpetrator group can create the ideal sex slave, drug courier, or cult priest, who does not know he or she had been victimized by, or committed, a crime, and, thus, will genuinely and convincingly claim innocence if caught.” (p. 14)


“Where did these groups access the children on whom they experimented and whom they trained? According to survivors, during the second half of the twentieth century there appears to have been some collaboration between the secretive military and political organizations and the occult religious groups who were already engaging in deliberate systematized child abuse. Many survivors report being abused by religious groups, more than one military or political group (for example, CIA and Neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan), and also organized criminal groups. These groups apparently share children, strategies, and even trainers. Groups who used children in child pornography often borrow them from multi-generational incestuous families, such as are found in organized cults. Whether criminal, religious, or political/military, abusers on an international scale are aware that dissociation is the lynchpin of power and secrecy. What better source of already dissociative children than the parents who were abusing them in ritualistic cults?” (p. 17)


“I once heard a prison psychologist say he would not treat multiples, because prison is so traumatic that you needed to be multiple to survive well.” (p. 21)


“At one time, I had two clients who reported “seeing” a little girl alone in a room, covered with blood. The one client knew it was a memory; the other stated that it was symbolic. The one who believed it to be symbolic later discovered that it was literal, when the rest of the memory emerged.” (p. 33)


“Some experience themselves a blind or deaf or mute, often as a result of a literal response to their abusers (“Don’t talk about this,” or “You didn’t see anything.”) I take particular delight in letting them know that they can recover their sight or hearing or ability to speak once we have worked through the memories that made them become handicapped.” (p. 34-35)


“My most personally traumatic experience in all the years of working with ritual abuse survivors happened when I discovered that one of my clients had an unregistered child. The client’s reporter alter told the group that I had found out, and she was forced to kill the child before anyone could locate it. I had to work through this very recent memory with her. What does it do to a child to have such experiences? Love is connected with death, and with the child experiencing herself as a murderer. How can such a person develop an attachment bond?” (p. 212)


“There is also specific training of child alters to distrust therapists. One scenario I have encountered several times has the child lying on the couch of a cult-involved therapist, who says she must look at him. When she does, he is wearing a devil mask and horns, and he rapes her, telling her that all therapists are servants of Satan. Child alters are taught not to look at “therapists” until they are told to. Experiences such as this one reinforce this training. It sets the scene for actual therapists to be impersonated later in the person’s life.” (p. 213)


“Mind controllers also train child alters to seduce therapists. A client of mine disclosed a memory in which she cried in the office of someone she was told was a therapist, and then in comforting her he sexually abused her in such a way that her body responded. Afterwards, he accused her of tricking him into it. When she got home, her mother said she did well, and taught her how to do it better. I found it quite sad when this client posed provocatively, trying to seduce me, saying in a childlike voice that it was ‘the best offer I’d ever get.’” (p. 213)