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  • MD License No. 08711 (Expired)
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Wendy Hoffman is somewhat unique compared to other conspiracy therapists. Like the others, she has treated patients, written books and articles, spoken at conferences, and given interviews. Additionally, Hoffman also makes claims that she is a survivor of Satanic ritual abuse and mind control, and has undergone therapy with Alison Miller, who in August 2019 turned in her license as a result of a Grey Faction complaint. Under Miller's therapeutic mistreatment Hoffman “recovered” fantastical “memories” of having been a queen in the Illuminati commanding “the unseen” or “supernatural” — so chosen due to “bloodline” and “psychic aptitude."

Wendy Hoffman has authored several books detailing her bizarre delusions which are so unquestionably in the realm of supernatural paranoid fantasy that the average reader requires no outside exposition to guide their understanding that her narrative lacks in credibility and reason. What is interesting about Hoffman’s literature, however, is that though it is self-evidently the product of delusional fantasy, this didn’t prevent her from holding professional mental health licensure, even while her delusions relate to an alleged Satanic/Illuminati conspiracy that acts as the source to certain types of mental illness, which she imagines herself uniquely qualified to educate other professionals upon. Her training enabled therapists to earn Continuing Education Units for their licensure for many years, until her recent retirement.

In Hoffman’s lecture at the 2017 Survivorship conference hosted by Neil Brick, she reveals that she has been going to therapy since the 1970’s. She states that, now with her memories “recovered,” that “[a]s a young mother, I received instructions to call my first cult plant therapist when I had been moved to Chicago in the 1970’s. She turned out to be one of the therapist programmers.” Hoffman says she was dismissed by this therapist once the therapist thought she was “sufficiently obedient and oblivious.” She discusses that not long after, she was instructed again by “leaders” to go to another therapist, and that she was aware of sexual abuse memories at that time. At this therapist, there was no electroshock chair nearby, so she implemented tasers instead. It was during this time that Wendy claims to be recovering memories of ritual abuse, and sued her family for incest abuse. She says at this time, she was not aware of mind control or dissociation.

She then asserts that she was tortured into becoming a cult plant therapist when she moved to New York City. She received her LCSW license in New York in 1993. She then tells her audience how she then saw a pastoral counselor in New Jersey, who had an electroshock chair in their home and would torture her using “shut down programming” like her previous therapists. This therapist had Hoffman drive her to a conference given by her next cult plant therapist. During that same time she sought out therapy from someone who was famously known in a southern state, who in turn referred her to a therapist in Maryland. Hoffman saw this therapist for seven years, who then “sent” Hoffman to Baltimore to attend a “dirty church.” (Hoffman also has a Maryland license dated in 1995. This timeline suggests she was receiving therapy during the height of the Satanic Panic.) Hoffman then contacted E. Sue Blume (author of books on incest and Secret Survivors), who referred her to Alison Miller in 2011. Miller then told Hoffman over the telephone, based on their discussions, that she believed her mind control programming was still active.

Hoffman claims that her family is part of a generational cult, and that she has been mind controlled since birth. She wrote a piece for Valerie Sinason’s book Shattered But Unbroken: Voices of Triumph and Testimony, called “On Writing A Scary Memoir and Using My Own Name…” in which she provides and cites "scientific evidence" of how people cannot form memories before 18 months. She then goes on to explain why in her case, she is an exception.

“Early memory may be different for the traumatised and non-traumatised mind. Here is how I learned to hold on to information until it became ready for words.

I was between infancy and two when my mother smeared faeces over me and placed me in a bassinet. My father/grandfather Max strangled me. He told me that he wanted me to remember everything he said. I registered the feeling that came out of him. My infant selves saw his face and his fingers, and heard his tone and his voice.

"Cynthia, write this down. I want her to memorise everything I say." My mother wrote down everything he said.

To me, he said, "I want you to memorise everything I say."

He put a screw in my scalp and said, "I want you to memorise everything I tell you." My scalp bled a little as he combined physical torture with verbal commands. He twisted my left leg from the hip. "I want you to remember everything I say." My mother continued writing on a pad of paper.” (p 22)

Hoffman also makes the claim that she had thousands of personalities programmed for specific tasks, as a result of a prophecy of her Illuminati status.

“With Alison's help and support, I discovered within myself sexual slaves, murderers, cult reporters, mules, terrorised children, Illuminati heads, resident queens, psychics, cult therapists, soldiers, porno actors, spies, thieves, memorisers, to name just some of those in tightly sealed communities and ghettoes that resided within my squeezed brain.” (p 15)

“I grew up under the command not to tell about my mind-control-created thousands of false selves with names and combinations of names and numbers added to crazy names.” (p 20)

“A prophecy, decades before my birth, named me as one of the queens of the worldwide Illuminati.” (p 21)

Hoffman goes on to provide incredible details in her book, The Enslaved Queen: A Memoir about Electricity and Mind Control, of her recovered memories, including being taken to the basement of a building in which Josef Mengele started to torture her and implement mind control experiments in New York in 1947, although he was in South America during this time. Hoffman claims that she endured tortures to create mind control and split personalities that include having cameras inserted into her teeth, having her chest cut and Mengele replacing her human heart with a bomb, having her womb replaced with a cows womb, so she will only give birth to animals, several instances of electroshock therapy, and more, all recorded in her little black book.

Hoffman’s confabulatory memoirs, White Witch in a Black Robe: A True Story of Criminal Mind Control, follows the typical Ritual Abuse/Mind-control grandiose plot of a hidden life of direct participation in important world events later revealed during the course of therapy. As is usual for this bizarre genre, Hoffman’s mundane memories of the non-recovered kind are seen as merely a cover, a narrative imposed by mind control, to prevent her from remembering her heinous past as an assassin and sex slave for the secretive Global Satanic/Illuminati conspiracy. Also typical of the genre, Hoffman displays a depraved and disturbing prurience, cheaply veiled as victim advocacy, as she spins grotesque tales of ritualistic Satanic abuse. In this passage, she describes a love of hers, whom she fell smitten with at the age of only three, while he was twelve:

"He had Irish-white smooth skin, dark shy eyes, pink, glowing lips. His chiselled [sic] nose was not too big or small for his round face and pointed chin. Though a young teenager, his body curved a little above his long legs. Both homosexual and straight men lusted to rape him and did. He was twelve when I met him; later that year, the little whiskers grew along his peach-like cheeks. The rapes diminished somewhat. (pg 40 – 41)

And, again, as is all-too-typical of the recovered memory ritual abuse genre, Hoffman imagines that she was simultaneously an unwitting and unwilling mind-controlled pawn for the Grand Conspiracy, as well as a high-ranking luminary in their most elite inner circles. Never, it seems, do the lowly, yet remarkably efficient, clean-up crews come to recall scrubbing the blood from the floor under the altar. Here, Hoffman describes her privileged placement in the Conspiracy’s upper management:

"In the hierarchy of these criminal groups, innate psychic ability and bloodline trump intelligence and any other skills.

"Their prophets discerned that I had the bloodline and psychic aptitude. I thereby became more than a figurehead queen. I became a part-time member of the Illuminati’s round table or inner circle that engages with the unseen and supernatural. The leaders had me assume other roles mostly to cover my main position as witch. They never wanted me to remember this role and the people I met and worked with in this capacity. For example, they made me into a mule who traveled the world on assignments, most likely to cover the world trips I made to the leaders of the secret world.

"Every ten years I made a world trip to the countries deemed the most spiritually open to Lucifer. The prophets determined the countries to be endowed with his energy according to astrological formations." (pg. 57)

The book does offer some insights into the flawed process by which Hoffman came to be convinced that she was “remembering” these ludicrous things but, again, these insights offer nothing original and are all too typical of the debunked, dangerous, and grossly irresponsible approach employed by “Ritual Abuse/Mind-control” experts. Here she describes the beginnings of her “memory” retrieval process:

"At the time of these dribbles of memory, I am an exile from my home and country, in intensive therapy with someone brilliant enough to understand criminal mind control and empathetic enough to surround her clients with supportive understanding. I also work constantly on my own. Every night of sleep becomes a goldmine for me. I record every dream and follow it wherever it leads. After I get over my shocked disbelief, the memories that it leads me to leave me breathless.

"Working like the most diligent insect foraging for food, I allow the memory of this imperial dynasty to unfold. It takes about four months." (pg. 59)

Of course, the therapist “brilliant enough” to help piece this all together for Wendy Hoffman was Alison Miller, a wildly delusional woman who warns against the Satanic Conspiracy infiltrating the mental health profession to cast doubt upon such recollected tales as those told by Hoffman. Miller also spreads crippling paranoia to the mentally vulnerable by suggesting that lovers and friends may also be planted by The Conspiracy to maintain mind-control programming (as The Conspiracy apparently has unlimited trained personnel to dedicate their entire livelihoods to the maintenance of a single mind-controlled slave, but hasn’t considered the benefits of simply finding willing participants to execute the slave’s tasks). Hoffman’s book offers limited transcripts of her “therapy” sessions with Miller, giving an indication of how leading and irresponsible Miller’s coaching is. In one segment of transcript, Miller is flatly asking Hoffman to provide names of individual mind-control “programs” and the names and ages of presumed “alter” identities containing them. Hoffman explains the leading assumptions:

"Alison has worked from start to finish with so many survivors that she knows these groups’ methodology. There are slight variations among the groups, but they work on the same principles and concepts of formal abusive mind control." (pg. 63)

On this issue of leading, Hoffman is rather pointlessly concerned with believability, given the embarrassing implausibility of her overall claims.

Not surprisingly, this lunacy is met with the “validating” applause of the usual suspects in the Ritual Abuse/Mind-control fringe. Neil Brick, head of both Survivorship and S.M.A.R.T. (Stop Mind-control And Ritual abuse Today) offers an endorsement:

"Wendy Hoffman’s new book is an incredibly accurate story that details her life story of trauma and abuse and her recovery process to become whole. Most people do not reach this level of recovery. But Wendy shows us that it is possible to recover from ritual abuse and Illuminati torture and mind control. Her work exposes the evil most people either don’t know about or refuse to believe. Yet her story is very true. More and more people are remembering their stories exposing these evils. Wendy’s strong courage remembering all of this and then telling her story so others can heal shows that there is good in the world and that we can make a difference."

Of course, even if Brick agrees that psychically empowered Illuminati bloodlines are brain-washing victims only to place them into mundane suburban lives at a later time where they just might recall everything, it’s difficult to understand how he can say the story is an “incredibly accurate” retelling of Wendy Hoffman’s own interaction with this Conspiracy. Unless, of course, reality is seen as merely a choice between narratives, and “validation” trumps empiricism, or even good sense.

In Her Own Words:

From the Trenches: A Victim and Therapist Talk about Mind Control and Ritual Abuse

Pieces of Self

“Integration - when the divisions of the mind self-erase and you get to know your abused selves - usually occurs in waves. After the one or two tidal waves when most of the pieces of the brain come together, you often find fail-safe measures. There is should-you-ever-integrate-programming. Mine was placed under layers of psychedelic plastic sheets. Here, my infamous mind controller sectioned off little pieces of my main role - that of being one of the Illuminati queens - and hid them "never to be found" under these toxic barricades.”

Hand signals

“By the time these babies are toddlers, perpetrators begin to attach assigned meanings to the movements. Over time, the children learn the specific hand sequence to sit, go, lie down, fall asleep, be quiet, run, leave, enter, drop the evidence, hide something in specific places, such as under the steps, deny, murder, shoot, kidnap, steal, poison, drop a pill in a drink, forget everything, or remember nothing."

“A hand signal coupled with a visual cue or sound is sufficient for a trained, programmed assassin part of a person to perform a murder in public, and I believe this has happened.”

Shattered But Unbroken: Voices of Triumph and Testimony

On Writing A Scary Memoir and Using My Own Name…

"But if Alison Miller or I die in any way that could possibly be construed as suspicious, then a list of people's true identities will be released. Twelve individuals who live around the world are in possession of this list and will make it public." (pg. 19)

White Witch in a Black Robe: A True Story About Criminal Mind Control

Part I Streams of Consciousness

Act and Don’t Remember

"My memories included the trainings parts of my brain received to be queens, Illuminati heads, seers, prophets, psychics, sexual slaves, prostitutes, soldiers, porno actors, spies, thieves, memorizers, reporters, cult therapists, mules, ordinary people, and killers. I may be forgetting to list some of the functions of those who existed in tightly sealed communities and ghettos that resided within my squeezed brain."

How they created thousands within one person, 1946

"He showed a series of slides of nodes of the brain. With his black pen, he carved out individual nodes and said, "This person lives here. This section of people goes here. This person doesn't talk to that person. This group doesn't know about that group. This section is movable. This section is stagnant (doesn't move, stays frozen in). If someone comes up by mistake and has to be restrained, they go here." His pointer would knock against the slide of the node of a brain, which he pretended was my brain. He presented each node or module of the brain as a separate person. He did not permit me or others to think of ourselves as one person. I had to be composed of thousands of sections of a brain, each belonging to a different person."

"All people in sections have to be trained. All groups must obey training."

The Enslaved Queen: A Memoir about Electricity and Mind Control 

Chapter One

Mengele in America

“Also while in the lower levels of Montauk Point, Mengele said ‘I am taking out your womb and putting in a cow's womb. I've done this hundreds, thousands of times in the camps. You will only give birth to animals from now on.’”

Learning and Unlearning, 1948

“Using a whip, Mrs. Twartski taught me how to be learning disabled in the special classroom underneath her apartment building. I had learning disabilities put in my brain before first grade was over.”

Chapter Two

Mengele’s Return, 1951

“Mengele had access to my foundational homicidal and suicidal programming. Earlier, he had worked up some homicidal programming while in Mrs. Twartski's schoolroom in Pleasant Hills. Mrs. Twartski was not permitted in while Mengele showed us children a cage filled with parakeets, fluttering green and blue birds with busy beaks. Mengele wore his preferred devil suit. As he wielded his whip, we had to jump. If his whip hit us, he took us to the altar where a little bird was pinned down but still fighting for its freedom, its wings thumping. There was a difference between killing a human who was already dead or drugged into a lifeless state and killing a fighting bird. Mengele-he wanted to be called Menkel for this display-held our hands over the knife and stabbed the little bird. "If you tell your parents or anyone at all, all the birds will die and it will be your fault. All the birds will die." He reinforced the don't-tell program with his gold watch, which we had to follow with our eyes. "Never tell what we have together here," Menkel said.

"We had to choose the weakest child in our group and kill that boy or girl. If we didn't, they would; but they would do it slowly, first skinning the child alive, then in slow motion pushing a knife into the solar plexus but so slowly-it was more than death, it was slow-torture-murder. We saw that happen to a girl named Nancy and a boy named Richard. After that, we stabbed as fast as possible to spare them. Mengele's hands always covered ours. Most of the children wanted to be chosen to die but a few of them wanted to live. The meanest children wanted to live. Our group had thirteen children, six girls and seven boys. If a child was killed, the parents got more money. A child who didn't learn the programming fast enough would be chosen.”

"Dirty Therapy," speaking at Survivorship Conference 2017.

“A cult plant therapist is also a victim of mind control and ritual abuse, and has been given the job – the odious job – of pretending to be a therapeutic helper, but is really blocking your memory process, and closing you down yet again. I will talk about my own experiences, as both a victim and a perpetrator, of this abuse…. We survivors desperately need outside help…. Our programmers know about this need, and will do all they can to make sure we do not receive the help we need so desperately, so they have flooded the therapeutic field with their own, meaning perpetrators.”