Jean Riseman MSW


Riseman writes on her blog: “It seems that the leaders of the Illuminati meet every 28 years for a whole year, during which Satan appears and tells them what he wants done in the next 28 years. The Illuminati leaders then plan out the actions to be taken and who will do them. The last Feast of the Beast was in 2010 and therefore the next will be in 2038.”

Riseman seems particularly concerned with the “difficult dates” calendar, as posted annually by Survivorship, listing, almost daily, alleged Satanic holidays. Those oppressed by Satanic Cult abuse and mind-control are advised that certain types of “abuse” are enacted on these days, but are warned on the calendar’s web page to “use caution when reading this page.  This page has words and dates that may remind survivors of their programming.” The message to the alleged survivors seems to be that horrors await them nearly every day of the year; horrors so unspeakable and perhaps inevitable, that they are cautioned against even reading a forewarning of their occurrence.

This cripplingly paranoid and irrational mentality is being sanctioned by professional mental health organizations and sold to vulnerable mental health consumers. There is simply no excuse for this failure of professional mental health oversight that would allow an organization like the ISSTD — which would harbor one as extremely delusional as Jean Riseman — and any of those associated with it, to continue to operate in any type of credentialed capacity.

In Her Own Words:

"Ritual Abuse Survivors: Diverse, Yet Similar" - Chapter 18 of Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-First Century.

  • "I'm a survivor of ritual abuse and early mind control experimentation."
  • "Because of my activism, I must have had contact with well over a thousand survivors of ritual abuse in the last fifteen years."
  • "Most people, if they have ever heard of ritual abuse, believe they don't know anyone who has experienced it because it's so rare and exotic. Sometimes they truly don't. More often, they probably do, but they don't know it. Unfortunately ritual abuse is not really rare and exotic; it's just well-hidden. My best guess is that perhaps 0.5% of the population of the United States and Canada have been ritually abused."
  • "Survivors tend to be highly intelligent; our IQ bell curve seems to be displaced upwards by about fifteen to twenty points. Some believe that the cults selectively breed for intelligence; others believe that only the highly intelligent survive their childhoods."
  • "Details of the abuse vary from group to group, but generally categories of abuse are extremely consistent across groups. Ritual abuse almost always involves severe (to the point of torture), repeated, systematic, physical abuse. In practically all cases, it also involves child sexual abuse. It almost always occurs on particular dates that are important to the group and in a fixed, proscribed manner consistent with the group's ideology."
  • "Often the blood of sacrifices is  drunk or the flesh eaten raw. Many people report having witnessed or participated in the abortion of fetuses and the murder of babies, older children, and adults. The human bodies are treated as the animal sacrifices."
  • "Severe childhood abuse sets people up for health problems later in life. The immune system seems especially sensitive to trauma early in life and physical injuries lead to arthritis and other long-term consequences. Chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromylagia, allergies, and chemical sensitivity seem to be common among ritual abuse survivors..."
  • "Survivors who report having been abused in government military settings or used in medi[c]al experimentation describe the most extreme and bizarre forms of torture. It appears that at times the goal is to study the effects of cutting-edge technology on humans and that other times the technology is used as a torture/training tool.... Some also report being used in ESP experiments (e.g., remote viewing), radiation experiments, and in a continuation of experiments performed in the Nazi concentration camps."