Roberta Sachs PhD

  • "Independent Health, Wellness, and Fitness Professional" in Washington, DC.
  • Author of "The Role of Sex and Pregnancy in Satanic Cults." Pre- and Peri-natal Psychology Journal Volume 5, Issue 2 December, 1990 pp 105-114. From the abstract:

    Pregnancy, while also a means of perpetuating the gene pool of cult members, is also viewed as a method for offering new souls to Satan. In "normal" social groups, every effort is made to preserve the life of one's offspring. However, in Satanic cults.a specific selection process determines which babies will live or die. For example, some cult members are designated as "breeders" and their task is to produce children who will be offered as sacrifices in Satanic rituals or for black market trade. Breeders are sadistically abused while pregnant and often it is considered a challenge to see how much torture they can endure without aborting their unborn child. Breeders suffer this abuse because it is a way for them to advance in the cult hierarchy of power. The young children of cult members are forced to play a prominent role in various sadistic sexual and sacrificial rituals at an early age. Afterwards, they are forced to cannibalize the dead sacrifice as part of their initiation into the cult. Until recently, many psychologists and psychiatrists were likely to incorrectly interpret the reports of former cult members as sadistic fantasies.

  • Winner of ISSTD’s “Distinguished Achievement Award” in 1992.
  • Fellow of the ISSTD
  • Subject of a disciplinary order by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, which found her responsible for manipulating a family into inappropriately committing all of their children into a psychiatric hospital, convincing the children they were abused by “transgenerational satanic cults,” and inappropriately prescribing psychotropic medications, among other ethical violations. She was found guilty of numerous charges, including Gross Negligence; Unethical, Unauthorized, and Unprofessional Conduct; a Pattern of Practice or Other Behavior Which Demonstrates That Respondent Practiced Beyond Her Competency; and more.
  • Helped produce "Ritual Child Abuse: A Professional Overview" (Cavalcade Productions 1989), a training video to help therapists identify and treat now debunked Satanic Ritual Abuse. In this interview she states:

    Patients that I have dealt with who remained in the cult and became active perpetrators and became leaders of the cult, when they began to discover what they have done at an adult level there is really very little desire to live. They lose all reason for going on. It's a very difficult treatment issue to work with because it’s a reality. Whether they’ve been programmed or brainwashed or whatever, the truth is they have participated in blatant murder.

  • Along with Bennett Braun and D. Corydon Hammond, subject of a malpractice suit that cost her employer $3.5M in settlement
  • Listed as unindicted co-conspirator in the criminal case of USA v Peterson, 71 F. Supp. 2d 695 (S.D. Tex. 1999).

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