Joe Schriner / “Daniel Ryder” LSW

Current Title: House Painter/Presidential Hopeful


  • Bluffton College
  • Bowling Green State University B.A. Journalist 1978
  • Unspecified Certificate Program for Certified Drug and Alcoholism Counselor/Licensed Social Worker (Lapsed as of 2005 according to Ohio Licensing Board)

Professional Experience:

  • Counselor, Ohio Chemical Dependency Counselor Credentialing Board, 1985-1992
  • Representative, Lorain County Mental Health/Drug and Alcohol Committee, 1986
  • Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor, Ohio Chemical Dependency Counselor Credentialing Board, 1985-1992
  • Social Worker, Ohio Counselor and Social Worker Board, 1985-1992
  • Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Lorain County Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, 1983-1987
  • Reporter, The Metropolitan Newspaper, 1981
  • Reporter, City Council Meetings, 1978-1980
  • Reporter, Sandusky Register Newspaper, 1978-1980


Joseph Charles Schriner began a writing career after graduating with a B.A. in Journalism in 1978. After working for a few local Ohio papers, he decided to change his career to alcohol and substance abuse counseling. According to Schriner he also worked with clients suffering difficulties with codependency and trauma. He began working for the Lorain County Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse in their 90 day inpatient program. He later completed “certification seminars” and continued to work for LCCAD as a certified counselor and licensed social worker. Eventually Schriner left LCCAD for private practice as a licensed social worker. In 1992 he stopped seeing clients to work on a totally new project: travelling the country to solve the mystery of the covert group controlling the country, which he believes President Kennedy to have discovered and warned the American people about it 1961. The journey would result in Schriner’s own personal Satanic Panic.

What separates Schriner from the other conspiracy therapists in this section is that his contribution is not treating patients or training practitioners. Nor are the books resulting from this search (Breaking The Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Cover Up of the Century) academic resources. Instead they are ritual abuse and repressed memory theories from a myriad of sources packaged as investigative journalism for mass consumption by the general public. This is not surprising considering Schriner’s background, and his books feature the sensationalized and hyperbolic style of this kind of writing. The bulk of these books are quotations and summaries from work by therapists and quotations from their patients. His sources include some familiar conspiracy therapists such as Bennett Braun, Pamela Hudson, Richard Kluft, Lawrence Pazder, Judith Spencer, Bessel van der Kolk, Colin Ross, Randy Noblitt, among others. He molds their work into a cohesive narrative with florid descriptions of sexual violence, firsthand accounts of horrific crimes, widespread clandestine organizations, and an easily accessible presentation under a sexy book title.

The first of these books, Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse reads equal parts self-help and therapists' guide. It is a mix of theory peppered with stories of his own practice. While Schriner admittedly saw clients he thought were victims of SRA, by his own account his attempts to convince the patients of this seems to have had little success.1 Schriner’s interest in the subject is not purely professional. He himself claims in the book to have been a victim of SRA.2 Among his resources is a book titled Out of Hell Again by Joe S. It seems reasonable to assume that this another pseudonym of Schriner’s and this book – currently out of print- is his personal account. He recommends this book along with Lawrence Pazder’s "Michelle Remembers."3 Add in Schriner's legitimate work in substance abuse, codependency, and heading effective 12 Step Programs, and the book takes on a sheen of credibility.4

Cover Up of the Century: Satanic Ritual Crime and World Conspiracy is a rapid-fire compilation of articles, books, court cases, criminal records, and interviews with anyone he could find who had ever even mentioned Satanic Ritual Abuse. Schriner has presented all this in hopes the reader comes to the same conclusion he did; the end, is in fact, nigh. Over the course of the book, what he thought was cults threatening ex-members, became cults using sophisticated mind control, which became sophisticated mind control with the help of the CIA, which became sophisticated mind control programs from the CIA, Russians, and a small group of Illuminati inside of the Free Masons. When he set this alongside the Christian bible’s apocalyptic book of Revelation, he finally concludes that humanity is doomed to a dystopian nightmare full of human-demon hybrids, Manchurian candidates, and “Robot” alternative personalities, finally culminating in the destruction of all mankind. He does believe that there is hope; found in spreading this knowledge, turning off our televisions, consume fewer violent movies, video games, and news clips, spending more time with our families, and praying to the God of the Christian bible.5 Schriner believes he has done his homework, and mapped every road sign on the way to the end times from the Chernobyl disaster to the assassination of President Kennedy, like some kind of modern midwestern Nostradamus.

After traveling, interviewing, and writing, Schriner returned to Ohio and gave up both his counselling and journalism careers in favor of running several campaigns for president (2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020) and painting houses when he is not on the campaign trail. Shriner the presidential candidate distances himself from his previous work, but his pseudonym Daniel Ryder is buried on his campaign website. Any mention of his own experience as a Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor or his other possible pseudonym Joe S. are absent.

In His Own Words:

From Breaking the Cycle of Satanic Abuse: Recognizing and Recovering from the Hidden Trauma (Compcare Pubns 1992):

  • “The presence of demons in her dream indicates that [a patient] may have seen supernatural manifestations of demonic possession during some of the ceremonies.” (pg 51)
  • “However, if a therapist starts to suspect ritual abuse, based on some of the symptomatology being displayed, it is advisable, in as nonthreatening a way as possible, to start moving the client towards acceptance- much the same as you would start gradually to move a suspected incest victim, who hasn’t had the memories yet, towards the realization of the incest.” (pg 58)
  • “I brought [Satanic Ritual Abuse] up a bit in the next session, and in the session after that, each time explaining more about the general dynamics of these cults, and exploring whether any more feelings or awareness had come up between sessions… Then Jean called one day, saying thanks, but it was time for her to move on to another therapist.  She had some issue or other -  I can’t even remember what it was now- that she thought this other therapist would be better at dealing with. That would have been fine, if that had been the real reason. But I felt sure it wasn’t.  And I also knew, in this case, I had not used the best judgment in pushing her towards something she was not yet ready to deal with. All I can do in Jean’s case now is pray that when she is ready to face [the possible Satanic Ritual Abuse that] caused panic in her that day, God will put the right people in her path.” (pg 81)
  • “Paranormal phenomena such as these do exist, and have been documented over the years, through studies at Duke University and elsewhere.” (pg 96)
  • “Now, the natural reaction to watching a person being tortured, then stabbed to death, is extreme aversion and disgust. However –and this is key- if someone has grown up watching violent films, that person usually has become somewhat desensitized to violence and so may react with less than normal revulsion, may not be as shocked… In spite of some studies which seem to show otherwise, I believe that these movies have an effect on personality and behavior.” (pg 98)
  • “It seems like these transgenerational satanic cults are somewhat like the Mafia, only even more secret.” (pg 101)

From Cover Up of the Century: Satanic Ritual Crime & World Conspiracy (Css Pub Co; 2nd edition 1996)

  • “What’s more, we are starting to see there are startling overlaps between the satanic cult brainwashing and programming, and the same highly sophisticated mind-control technology developed clandestinely by the United States government, and other governments around the world. And finally, not only is it becoming apparent the satanic cults and other sadistic hate groups are networking, but also, part of their agenda may include a “full-tilt,” movement intent on world domination.” (pg 11)
  • “Some reports indicate, at times, cult members are master illusionists.” (pg 56)
  • “You see it quite often in codependency recovery, sexual abuse recovery, ritual abuse recovery... And for some, part of going back into denial starts to include vocal indictments. All this codependency stuff, for instance, is just “psycho-babble”; or these memories of cult orgies, and whatever, were just “planted” in their mind; and “My parents are great people.” (pg 73)
  • “A farmer, who is also a satanist in, say, the Midwest, will perform a sacrificial murder for a good crop the next year. If you’re a broker/satanist on Wall Street, you may perform a sacrificial murder for a better portfolio.” (pg 81)
  • “Noriega was said to have had a ritual altar at his headquarters and it was also reported he regularly consulted with witches.” (pg 81)
  • “How much of the cult workings, if any, are demonically driven? And if demons are involved, does this mean there is heightened intelligence that would add to the sophistication? Note: Based on my research, I personally believe it’s a key component.” (pg 138)
  • “Note: To some in the occult, the points of the pentagram star are considered “power cones.” (pg 140)
  • “The survivor reports took on a decidedly more real dimension for the Watsons in 1989. During a counseling session, one of their SRA survivors drew a series of pictures of some of the paraphernalia used during the rituals she’d been exposed to. This included a torture rack, a base for a ritual altar, and some other items. The Watsons said they have decided to become proactive with the information and designed a slide show...” (pg 142)
  • “[Lewis Solon Resenstiel] and [J. Edgar] Hoover, moreover, reportedly took part in bizarre sex orgies.” (pg 173)
  • “[Randy] Noblitt, like a number of other therapists, has also discovered “robot” alters in some of these complex internal systems....They have been programmed to be “enforcers,” somewhat similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in the Terminator movies.” (pg 193)
  • “Many cult survivors, and others in diverse research areas around the world have independently stated that the international leadership of the cult is called: the “Illuminati’.” (pg 199)
  • “…the Illuminati was broken up by police and went underground where…, the infiltration of Masonry and governments continued on a highly covert level, always with the same goal. World takeover.” (pg 201)
  • “However, in joining the Masons…these lower-level members spiritually open themselves to the demonic roaming the inner bowels of the organization.” (pg 202)
  • “And behind the scenes, legions of children are being groomed to become compliant, multiple personality tools for the Illuminati elite as they shape the New World Order. It will be a “perfect” race of people. That is, said [William] Schnoebelen, a perfectly (demonically) possessed race of people.” (pg 202)
  • “There are reports, for instance, of current government experimentation with electro-magnetic beams to knock out communication systems and change weather patterns over enemy countries. Preliminary reports on prototype testing indicate these beams could alter weather with the injection of huge amounts of heat beams into the ionosphere, creating, in effect, the equivalent of mini-super-charged El Nino”s. (pg 204)
  • “In regard to this sophisticated deeper-level programming, [a texas cult deprogrammer] said: “It helps to think of the complex programming layers like a very sophisticated Super Mario Nintendo game. There are many levels, secrets at each level, and, hazards to getting to them.” (pg 204)
  • “There are main computers in Washington, D.C., and Colorado, that have lists of all the cult operatives that have been programmed, what their access codes are, the types of jobs they’ve been programmed to do... The information might also be available to cult zone leaders, etc., over a cult computer “internet” system of sorts.” (pg 205)
  • “The former cult member went on to tell [Linda Marten] these people would begin to pray intensely the first day of the Olympics to create a “vortex” to allow the evil spirits to flood into the earth. Note: This “vortex” (portal) phenomenon isn’t without Satanic precedent. In the book Objective Evil: Satanic Cults in U.S. Intelligence, it is reported Westphalia, Germany was the site of prayer and black magic rituals by the Nazi SS. They, too, were trying to channel as many demons as possible through a portal there to help them with their takeover plans.” (pg 209)
  • “In my own research, one of the main things I’ve come to is, while many have their eyes trained on the underground workings of the physical takeover, the above-ground evolution of the “New World Order,” and so on, what many aren't seeing is satan’s one- world system(s) has already evolved and is “marking” people now.” (pg 212)
  • “Things like if you’re caught up in dysfunctional family system behavior, get into some counseling, some 12 Step groups, other forms of recovery. It would mean starting to turn the TV off, for instance, and spending much more time in prayer, reading the Bible... It would mean starting to get off the materialism merry-go-round, and learning to live much more simply and charitably. It would mean getting this “end-time” message to others.” (pg 213)

From This Present Darkness Live!: A Case Study (Daniel and Liz Ryder, CSS Publishing Company 1996)

My wife and I encountered a “real life” version of the fictional town Frank Peretti wrote about in his bestselling Christian book: This Present Darkness." The plot line revolves around the phenomenon of spiritual warfare.  And the contention is, based on Biblical writing that the “darker” a town becomes spiritually, the more this opens the door for yet more demonic influence.  And why this book is so important is that it wouldn’t take a moral theologian to see how spiritually “dark” our country is becoming at this point.  And our book provides a tried “game plan,” if you will, for how to start to take our towns, and our country, back for God.

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4. Ryder, Cover Up of the Century; Satanic Ritual Crime and World Conspiracy (Css Pub Co; 2nd edition 1996) pg 213

5. In an update to this book, he states that he had missed some important information while writing the first edition and that god was not going to end the world after all, just “chastise” it a bit. Ibid., pg 210